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So far Maresic has closed «

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After her pet assault in the game against St. Pölten Darío Maresic was banned for a game. There was a conditional penalty.

18:47, November 19, 2018

SOCCER - BL, Sturm vs. Wacker
Dario Maresic © GEPA pictures

Dario Maresic SK Sturm Graz has been banned from playing for the game after being excluded in the game against St. Pölten without the Bundesliga criminal parliament. He announced the league on Monday. Another defender was held subject to six months. The sanction would be effective in the case of a similar crime.

Sturm assistant trainer trial Günther Neukirchner and sports director Günter Kreissl will be deferred at the request of the Grazer. The duo was prohibited in the 0-0 against St. Pölten because of criticism by the referee on the grandstand. Neukirchner had taken care of Sturm in this game temporarily as a coach, now the office Roman Mählich adoption.

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