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The secretin hormone of the accusation activates brown glue tissue

The hormone secretin of the allegation stimulates brown fat that uses energy

Researchers have found that secretin hormones have well-known additional function recently discovered: it activates the light brown adhesive tissue, causing agility.

Brown tissue helps to lose weight

Because brown fat cells use energy, experts say that these are the key to weight loss and are important to prevent obesity and diabetes. Only a few weeks ago it was shown that brown glue tissue was applied as cold as food. Now, the same team of the Munich Technical University (TUM) and colleagues in Finland have explained the physiological mechanism of this campaign.

A new study has shown that bowel hormone secretin has a recently discovered extra function: It operates the brown fat that uses energy, causing agility. The new findings could be helpful in the fight against obesity. (Image: Kurhan /

Long-known balanced hysonic

"Surprisingly, we pointed out secretin as a key factor," the study leader of the study, Professor Martin Klingenspor from the Else Kröner-Fresenius Center for Nutrition Medicine (EKFZ) reported in the TUM in a statement.

Secretin is a well-known bowel hormone. So far, foster medicine has assumed that this peptide as a messenger basically performs gastrointestinal functions.

How to stimulate the water and bicarbonate secretion of the pancreas as soon as the acidic acid is released from the stomach to the small intestine.

In addition, there is secretin through the bloodstream as a courier in the brain to promote agility. As long as the information until recently.

Satiety in the brain

The new study, published in the "Cell" magazine, revealed with molecular biological investigations (transcript sequencing) that the gene to the secretin receptor is also expressed in brown adhesive tissue.

"If we were to activate this receptor in the brown fat cells with secretin, we could see the direct operation of the non-jitter thermogenesis," explained Professor Klingenspor.

Non-plate thermogenesis is a typical heating heat heat mechanism, but not only uses energy.

The research shows that Shaker's free thermogenesis is also a prerequisite for the satiety in the brain.

Education received from previous was reviewed

As the message says, there are three possible communication channels of brown fat to the brain:

  1. Increase in the temperature in the brain,
  2. Nerve connections of brown fat to the brain, or
  3. Special brown fat couriers, called BATokine.

Professor Klingenspor considers the heat itself as the most unlikely possibility at the moment:

"Thermogenesis in brown fat results in the warmth of the blood and a slight increase in the temperature in the brain, this stimulates neurons that realize saturation."

The previous valid assumption that secretin acts directly on the brain in some nervous cells, resulting in the animation and moisture of the feeling of hunger, is being amended by these findings.

"Brown secret tissue is interrupted, as it was, as a swap station," says Professor Klingenspor.

"Very tasty could fill you faster"

The newly discovered communication chain between the boats and the brain begins with the release of secretin when consuming, the resulting operation of brown lipid thermogenesis and the warmth of the satiety, which increases satiety.

For example, thermogenesis caused by food in brown fat uses energy and makes you rich – important therapeutic factors and preventing a world-wide epidemic of obesity.

So, would it be the secret of the "medicine" right in this context? "No," explains Klingenspor. The chronic stimulus of the pancreas would be unfavorable.

However, the scientist sees a way to naturally stimulate secretin production through some foods, "the correct appetite could fill you faster and reduce your calorie intake."

What nutrients considered here is the subject of further studies. (Ad)

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