Tuesday , January 19 2021

Vaccination against multiple sclerosis? | SAXON TELEVISION

Germany- Can the principle of mRNA vaccination be used to treat multiple sclerosis in the future? The disease is an autoimmune disease that can cause visual impairment or even paralysis.

So far there are no drugs that could cure the cause of the disease. However, therapy can slow the progression of the disease. Now the new vaccine gives hope to the victims. The researchers were able to prevent MS in animal experiments on mice or animals with the onset of MS, vaccination stopped the progression of the disease. In some cases, vaccination has been able to regress impaired body functions, such as gait difficulties in animals that have already become ill. Thanks to the vaccine, typical excessive reactions of the disease are suppressed. According to promising results, the vaccine should be tested in a laboratory on human cells. The first human clinical trials should take place no earlier than two years.

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