Tuesday , January 19 2021

“What a Disgusting Man”: Amira Pocher publishes Iris Klein

In the latest series of podcasts, Amir Pocher tells a lot to Katzenberger’s mother Iris Klein. Bild: image imago / future image

Amira Pocher tells Iris Klein’s news about Amira’s mother

Iris Klein recently exchanged blows with Amira Pocher via Instagram. “Because so many people ask me about Oliver Pocher’s subject, I find it disgusting and vicious, disrespectful, dishonest and disgusting.how he behaves towards other people! This agitator is no longer funny, and everyone who celebrates him is the same, “Katzenberger’s mother wrote at first.

But this did not stop there. Iris also turned against Amira Pocher: “I would be ashamed to death if my husband had to pull young pretty women until they pay to make money! Why doesn’t this Rumpelschilskin choose a real man who can oppose him? How can bullying be hilarious? “

Then Amira Pocher said, “And I would be ashamed to death if my mom waved a hula hoop in too little clothes for the gym. But to live and let live, or Iris?”

Then Iris complained of the bodily sun and said: “Oh, wow, now ‘oh so sweet Mrs. Pocher’ is making fun of my figure? Yes, I’m wearing an XL, so what? But I’m not insulting anyone!” In the end, she said, “Shame on you!”

In the last episode of the podcast “Die Pochers hier!” Amira returns to the accusations and also tells about spicy news.

Iris Klein responded to the message from Amira with another photo. Image: Instagram / Iris Klein

Amira Pocher spoke against Iris Klein

Amira has already dismissed the accusation of disgrace in her Instagram account. “To accuse me of bodyshaming because I say your sportswear is too small is really absurd! She doesn’t care at all.”

In the podcast, Amira adds, “Iris Klein really wanted to accuse me of body shamming. I never thought about it when I wrote these lines, not for a second. It didn’t mean anything at all. That she read something like that.” The 28-year-old also violated:

Amira sent this message to Iris Klein. instagram / Amira Pocher

She then sent a direct message to the 53-year-old: “Iris, if you hear this, you’ve been blocking me for six months as a five-year-old. You block first, but then you write about me on the Internet. She did it several times. I would write to her. himself. Send me body shamming. I never criticized her figure, I just criticized her for not wearing the right size clothes. “

Iris reportedly wrote a message about Amira’s mother

Suddenly, Amira finally says that Iris Klein had to write about her mother, who is also a belly dancer: “Then she attacked my mother, a poor target, a poor victim of bullying.” By the way, the content of the message was as follows: “To do this, I do not press my chest half-naked on the faces of men in the pub, like Amira’s mother.” Amira now makes it clear:

Amira is furious: “This is not the only thing you sent. I will keep the rest. Just for your information: it’s all over with me. Tell people what a disgusting person you are, that you send photos of my mother, spread lies and actually insult my mother.” . And then: “You don’t even know what bullying is.” Iris should just leave her and her family alone.


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