Sunday , May 16 2021

Aashik left his wife at the crossroads of life and death

Khan Asikuzzaman died in a fire at a chemical warehouse in Armanitol, Dhaka.

Doctors at the Sheikh Khasina National Institute of Burns and Plastics pronounced him dead at midnight on Wednesday.

Ashik was treated in intensive care for six days.

Israt Jahan Muna, Ashika’s fiancée, who was burned in the fire, is still on the verge of death in intensive care.

Last Friday, a fire broke out in a chemical warehouse under a residential building in Armanitol and engulfed residential apartments upstairs. Five residents died. At least 25 people were burned. The death toll for Ashik was 7 people.

Doctors reported that the smoke hit the bodies of both Aasika and Muni in the fire. Their trachea is severely damaged. Since then, they are both in intensive care. Meanwhile, Ashik left the country without leaving his wife.

Muna Sarkar and her husband Asikutsaman Khan were married just a month and a half ago. Moon was a student at Jagannath University and Asikvzaman was a student at the Engineering University of Bangladesh (BUET).

Ashikuzman previously studied at his aunt’s house. She came to her father-in-law’s house on Wednesday night. In addition to Asik and Muna, Muna’s father Ibrahim Sarkar, mother Sufiya Begum and brother Junaid Sarkar were burned in the fire that night. On the night of the incident, the burnt body of Muna Sumaya’s younger sister was pulled out of the apartment by firefighters.

Doctors at the Burns Institute said Moon and three other people were still in intensive care. In addition, 11 people, including Mooney’s father and brother, are being treated in various wards.

Police have opened a case against eight people, including Mostak building owner Ahmed Chishti. Although RAB chemists have arrested two warehouse owners, Mulhota Mostak is still at large.

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