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Are tigers still able to play in the semifinals?


Steve Rhodes - Mashrafe Bin Mortasa

Mashrafe Bean Mortasa is looking for a coach with Steve Rhodes. Photo: Assembled

The defeat of India against England has suffered serious losses in three Asian countries – Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The exit of Sri Lanka was confirmed by the defeat of Virat Koli. The rest is just a formality. The victory of the West Indies and India in the following two matches is not profitable, but world champions 1996

Not only Sri Lanka! India won India on Sunday 31 after 338 points against England, the equation became more difficult from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

If England were to lose India on Sunday, they would lose in their last match against New Zealand. If Bangladesh wins the match against India and Pakistan in the next two matches, then the Tigers who went to the semifinals with 11 points in 9 matches would have lost England.

But the opportunity to play the semester "Tigers" is not finished yet. England lost to New Zealand in the next match. Then in England there will be 10 points. On the other hand, if in the next two matches, Bangladesh dramatically wins against India-Pakistan, the tigers will go to England with 11 points behind England.

The same equation is in front of Pakistan. Pakistan's victory over the 1992 World Cup, in the last match, won against Bangladesh, and also in the hope of defeating England from New Zealand.

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