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Bollywood actress has ceased to act to protect "Imana"


The famous "Dang" Bollywood Aamer Khan's film was popular. Then one day after the photo is offered to him. In March, shooting his paintings "Sky in Pink" with Priyanka Chopra. Prestigeija received the Filmfare award for Best Actress as Best Actress. The 18-year-old Zara congratulated her fortune-telling and farewell to acting skills. Coming to the turning point of the car, a bold announcement to leave the world in the light of a silver screen,

It is reported that the Times of India and India Today ", Dharmar Zira said that the actor's car was in the middle of her faith and religion. This type of action is illegal in Islam. Jaira Wasim, on Thursday, wrote on Veriefa Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on the reasons for quitting her job, "The decision made in my life changed my life years ago. After reaching Bollywood, I got very popular, but this world pushed me to humiliation, gradually not knowing I had left my faith (faith), because when I was working in an environment that constantly comes to my faith, my relationship with religion was threatened.

Zayra said at his post: "I found pleasure and peace in the divine knowledge of the Qur'an. In fact, Hoodaya gets calm from knowing his Creator, his attributes, his mercy and his team. I believe that glory, the level of wealth that can be achieved, never lets peace and faith disappear.

For 12 hours she had 80,000 favorites in her post at Verifide Instagram. Ten thousand people commented on him and congratulated him. On Twitter and Facebook, every time his followers jump and jump.

The fact is that Zara, who played in the role of Amir Khan's daughter in the Dangal movie in 2016, won the Filmfare Award, the National Prize for the film National Child for Acceptable Achievements.

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