Wednesday , January 20 2021

Cancer in the body, Rahi, seriously ill mother Rakhi Savant, Rahi broke down when she heard about the operation

In Bigg Boss 14 violence, hatred, quarrels increase. When Siddhart Shukla, Gouhar Khan, and Hina Khan became the senior seig of Big Boss House, everyone guessed that there were additional problems. However, the problem increased after the arrival of Bikash Gupta, Arshi Khan, Rakhi Savant, Rahul Mahajan. However, after they left, the problem among the household seems to be growing. New members cannot get along with old members in any way.

Meanwhile, the situation is somewhat serious for Rakhi Savant and Nikki Tamboli. Nikki was in charge of cleaning Rakhi Savanta’s bed. Because of the growing problems between them, they do not want to be together. He did not make the bed, it did not reach Salman Khan’s ears for long. Why didn’t it work, Salmon asks Nikki. Eyaz replied that Nikki did not go straight to clean Rahi’s bed.

Salman left the Bigg Boss stage and went straight to the Bigg Boss House. After the mask, he moved to the bedroom space of the Big Boss House. There he was alone. The door to the bedroom area was also locked so that household members could not enter. Salmon cleaned Rahi’s bed without expressing any anger. He continues to do so, despite everyone’s ban. In the end, he said that no task is small. Because of this, everyone, including Nikki and Rahi, bowed their heads. Every day the Big Boss has a new argument. Therefore, the audience is very enthusiastic about this program.

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