Monday , August 2 2021

& Daggers across the entire movie & # 39;

Daku-Drama & Hasina: A Dotter & Tail & # 39; had to do about the personal life of Sheikh Hasina, the First Minister. I was released on Friday (16 November) in four films from Dhaka and Chittagong.

Immediately after the statement, Hasina: A Dotter Tale & # 39; watching the movie watching movies. And after seeing the whole country expresses the charm of everyone. Chayanika Chowdhury is not a successful female producer. After watching the popular Hasina: A Datter's Tale, "said the drama maker on Facebook for her feelings. Its full status was highlighted for Journal Journal reader …

& Ah; ah! What I saw! The whole movie is tears! Kali Tanvir told the sweetie, but they could not go because of the shooting.

I saw this great doc – drama today. Taraena Apu (Tarana Halim) was sitting by her side, Shami (Shami Kaiser) crying crying. Silence all. How hard is one chest inside I could not suffer Tears have not stopped yet. Today is a very sad day.

1975, August 15. Then I'll be pretty small. I listened to my father's face and looked at the situation in the country. Isha! What is that trouble! Bookworld! Worried! Dad is walking through the night, leaving black and white TV!

Our generation will know the real history of this doku drama. Understanding, our Honorable Minister Sheikh Hasina, and sister Sheikh Rehana, will hear the story. Many felt that they lie on the lie. Something was needed like this. This generation will see it, Bangladesh will recognize, know! Ah! Our lives are in Bangladesh.

Thank you for taking Shami Kaiser to see me today. Thanks, Director of Peeplu Khan. Sick you Thanks DOP Sadik Ahmed Thanks to editor Nabnita Sen. And music! Thank you very much to the Deviyaatya Mishra. What great music! Invitation to see everyone. Thanks to CRI

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