Monday , August 2 2021

Hitman-Hope-Gabriel thinks Bangladesh coach

The series will be reduced to Bangladesh without going to the fight against India & West.
This series will be even more difficult than the previous series. So need a performance
More small. Leading to Zimbabwe, much improvement of the series has been removed
Much more

Prior to the Western & Western series, the trainer said at the end of the first exercise session in Chittagong, too much
It does not see anything in default. Instead of wanting to give them their own state benefits

In fact, there is no more to worry about it. For the series of Western Indians,
I look forward to In July, we saw that they were a great opponent. But these conditions are
Different. Hopefully we will play against them now. "

There are some injury problems. Captain Jason Holder could not come, but we do not have Tamim too. All in
There will be a great fight. "

On Sunday
West Indies at BCA XI Stadium at MA Aziz Stadium near Hotel & Team
Rhodes visited the team for a while. On this day, 88 runs in 10 hours and 3 six
Hope to play in the morning Hotmeyer explosive batting on the India & West tour of India a few days ago
Bangladesh coach is on the eye. Shannon Gabriel's speed and bounce can suffer
The reason.

Commenting on the idea of ​​coaches, as well as he also said, their actions are more important.

There are two fast bowls in an Indian team. Especially Gabriel is very dynamic. In rhythm
She's pretty incredible. Today, I've seen playing BCB XI and India and the West, Shei Hope is great
After playing. The way Hetmayar played in India in ODIs, if it brings that form to a Test, it's also dangerous
Yes. "

"But then
We do not think too much about the objector. Our thoughts about installing our work
It should have been

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