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How to save a fisherman who lives in the sea for 7 days: -790493 | Kaler Kanto


Bangladeshi aircraft carrier sailors rescued fishermen who live in the sea almost a week after the trawler disappeared. After the trawler named the Indian bay of the Bengal Bay, the fisherman entered the coast of Bangladesh at sea.

When on Wednesday at 11 pm stood MV Jawad Kouboutia, team members spoke to the ship's captain to see a man wandering at sea. He immediately sent a message to the Coast Guard, the Bangladeshi Fleet and the port. However, due to bad weather, members of the navy and coast guard could not come quickly.

In this situation, M. D. Yavada's sailors decided to save a man. The master promptly asked to throw his team with the Bawa Sea life jackets and managed to recover after the man tried to save him. Then he sent him to the ship. At this time, the man looked dumb and terrible. The master and his rescued person will be provided with early medical care by the ship's crew. After that, the Javanese sailors gave them nutritious food and necessary clothes.

Later, the person who was rescued during the interrogation said that he was a citizen of India by birth. Occupation in prison. It's called Rabindranath Das (Kannu Das), a house in Southern Parganas in West Bengal. Went to fish in the deep sea of ​​India. Due to bad weather, a fishing trawler plunged into the sea with 10 satellites a week to the coast of the Indian Sea. For a week of drowning, he swam by the sea and entered the Kutubdian part of the border.

Chief Executive Officer KSRM Group (CEO) Meherul Karim stated that MV Jawad arrives at Chittagong port with imported products. Members of the ship's crew tell the master about it, seeing her husband in the woods at sea in the area of ​​Kutubdya. Then the master sent a message to the coast guard, the fleet and control point of the port of Chittagong. In addition, sailors threw life jackets and rescue buoys to save the floating husband.

Karim also said that a floating man could grab a jacket even if he could grab a jacket. But before he was saved, he disappeared. After about 40 minutes of being in the sea, the ship was again found. Then they again threw out life. Then he was able to catch him. Then the sailors took him to the ship.

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