Monday , September 20 2021

In an attempt to unite the parliamentary front through a dialogue

Dhaka: Again, the Awami League will try again to bring elected representatives of the national united front to the parliament. The group will initiate a dialogue to this end. But it is not clear what the type of dialogue will be. This was recently discussed, said leaders of the League of Awami.

After understanding the reactions and attitudes of other parties, including the BNP, the type and the dialogue process will be fixed. Initially, it was said that 75 political parties that participated in the dialogue before the election would be invited together. The Prime Minister will exchange views with the parties. However, given the actual situation, the dialogue on the basis of the alliance could be made before the elections.

The National Unity Front gained eight seats in the eleventh parliamentary elections held on December 30. Of these, BNP 6 and Gana Forum 2 After the election, January 3, the newly elected deputies took the oath, but the members of the National Unity Forum were not swearing. The UCF has already demanded the cancellation of elections and deputies of the united front will not participate in the parliament.

Speaking with leaders of the political level of the League of Awami, it became known that the main goal of this dialogue is to join the national unity front of the BNP and the People's Forum, which were elected deputies of parliament. Leaders of the League of Awami believe that if there is a discussion, a solution will be obtained. At the same time, they also believe that it is necessary to negotiate with the parties that participated in the last election in order to keep the political situation stable. Therefore, this initiative was adopted in such a way that the initiative was adopted.

On January 12, the executive council of the Awami League and the Advisory Board jointly announced that Sheikh Hassin's party had discussed a dialogue with the parties before the election.

On January 13, the joint general secretary of the League of Awami and the Minister of Road Transport and Labor Obaidul Kvadar said: "Our party president will invite everyone together to exchange views with the parties who had a dialogue before the election." They will interact with some of them and entertain them. We also agreed to this.

Meanwhile, the condition of the dialogue has already been transferred to the BNP. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that they would go to dialogue if they put an end to the elections on the agenda. But politicians at the Awami League have said that BNP will not be run by the Sheikh Hazin government, it has long been said. Following the punishment of Khaled Ziya, she went to jail and told the BNP that the party would not go to the polls without Khaleda Ziya. Later they took part in the elections. This was solved through dialogue. There is also a solution in this regard, it will come out.

Answering a question, member of the Presidium of the Awami League Farouk Khan said that all political parties, including the BNP, national united front, took part in the elections and the elections were peaceful. It is not that the BNP created an unstable situation by boycotting the 2014 elections. That is why BNP can also be thanked. He will be called to the national united front, who came to parliament and delivered a speech. In addition, all cooperation will be aimed at continuing peace and development of the country in the coming days.

With regard to the question of the abolition of elections, the BNP may come forward with such a statement, Faruk Khan said that the BNP does not want to go to the polls without Khaleda Ziya. Later they took part in the elections.

Secretary-General of the League of Awami Mahbub Ul Alam Hanif said that those parties who were in dialogue with the party until the last election would be invited to participate. There is nothing to say before this dialogue. But political parties that sit together may have many things. This can not be said before.

Bangladesh Time: 0107 Hours, Jan. 15, 019

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