Saturday , May 8 2021

Joyroth goes under Real Madrid Solaris

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The goal of Karim Benzemar was to double the distance of Real Madrid to a suicide goal. Coach Santiago Solaris returned to the winning team with two other goals in the second half of Celtic Vigo. Real La Liga won 4-2 in Spanish on Sunday. Their two prize goals Sergio Ramos and Dani Sebiseos All the Solaris competition won the first four games and scored four games. In the 19 minutes, the Turkish midfielder Yokusullur will take the job to the corner. Luca became more successful in the 23 minutes with the combined Madrid-Benzema effort. According to France, Benzema set a goal at the bottom of the right foot on Madrice's foot. Last week, in the UEFA Champions League, Victoria scored a double goal in the 5-0 victory over Plaza Plzen. In the 50 minutes, goalkeeper Benzema assaulted a crossbar The reality of the minute returned 56 minutes. Benzema shot the Argentine defender Gustavo in the trap of Kabral. Hugo Mayo scored the receiver in the 61 minute minute with a fine goal. Real Madrid's captain Sergio Ramos made the difference in the 83 minutes. Penalty flute referee plays the bogey Odriosola path. Going into the final, Real is sure to win the big prize. After adding, Méndes scored the second goal of reducing the gap between Celtic. Real Madrid is the sixth place with 12 points of 12 games, Real Madrid has been in the sixth place with 12 points.

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