Monday , July 26 2021

Kantho Kaler Award

Sports correspondent: Finally! In the reaction after receiving the award, he said that Noman Mohammad was really a twice-re-employed Max-BSPA to tie on the Professional Recognition of Sports Journalists in 2016. After receiving the nomination for the year, it could be He felt the clouds of fear in his mind. As a Dutch football team, do not you have to return to a third time three times? Or, for a more recent example, if the three-thirds of three finals like Lionel Messi are not a symbol of distress, then its exhibition? However, the fate did not turn back. The four-year-old girl came to the ceremony with Rishikabya, and Noman took her daughter in the lap on the stage. Numanera and this time I feel briodferch! Kaler Kantha's Senior Editor has won the year's journalist's prize at Max-BSPA Knit, by the joint star Sanat Babla and Suhrid Mohammad Isam. Not only for the year, Noman, Kathat Kantha and Sanath Babla for the best interview, Masud Parvez from Kale Kantha Runner and Noman Mohammad in the same department. Secondly to Shahjahan Kabir in the best feature and journalism of photographs, Mir Farid received the Kantha Kantha Award. Raheenur Islam has had a special honor. As a whole, this year's Max-BSPA night was Kaler Kantha's victory.

Nomania has been recognized for the recognition of the year in each department. He was second for the Nikhil Pal interview, volleyball player, in the Best Interview section. He also went to the Second East South Africa tour for the Cricketer Casino Report in the Unique Report section. Speaking to all members who have survived the Bangla Football independent team, Noman received the best series report for the 27 year series, Abdul Hamid Trophy. Nomen has won the Max-BSPA Knight of the Year Award for the Sports Journalist of the Year. Special Representative of Kaler Kantho Rhedwr, Bangladesh representative of the Sanat Babla and Cricinfo Mohammad Mohammad Isam. Kazi Mohammad Salahuddin, president of the Bangladesh Federation of Football and President of the Federation of Football Federation, handles the award ceremony to Kalam Fars Resort and Hotel at Kunda Fares Resort and Hotel. After being supervised by the president BSPA, Mustafa Mamun, the special guest was present as a special guest while the Engineer Golam Mohammad Alamgir, Max Group Chairman gave the secretary of the BSPA, Sudipto Ahmed Anand, a speech welcomed the role of an old Secretary General Rezwanuzzaman Rajib.

This year, the Max-BSPA Award competition increased. Members of photo journalists and two other sports journalists have also joined. Their proud walks are at the awards stage. The Akalul Trophy Mallick won the Best Interview for Best Interviewer from Kaler Kantha's magazine, Sanath Babla. On August 15, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman In the interview of Ashleful Hossain Chunnu, who took Bablar, the issue of refusing to champion the football team of Bangladesh to play in the Murdaika Cup in Malaysia, protesting about the murder of his family. Runner Noman Mohammad and Masud Parvez of the same organization. The Badi-Uz-Zaman Trophy News ATM News was received for the unique report of the year. His report was about the Khulna Regional Women's Sports Complex corruption. Noman Mohammad and the Twenty-fixter Channel Rahazad Azim have done a second time. Noman Mohammad won the re-force of Shamim Chowdhury ( and Masud Alam (Prothom Alo) and Abdul Hamid's best for the best series report. CrickInfo representative, Bangladesh, Mohammad Isam, Ranjeet Biswas Trophy won the best feature report / program. He wrote about the Dhaka Premier, cricket makers. Ail Rana Abbas, Shahjahan Kabir and Sanath Babla Badrul Huda's Trophy won the best picture by taking a picture of the occupation of the Fatullah Stadium, Sourav Laskar from New Age's newspaper. Mir Farid of the Kaler Kantha and Shamsul Haque Tengku Runner of the first light The artist Kanakchampa performed the music after the ceremony.

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