Saturday , July 31 2021

Neha Dupia is the daughter of the girl

Neha Dupia is a mum and a pair of Devi Angad. On Sunday, Noha gave a baby to a baby. This is the first child of this pair.

The news was revealed about the Neerha's mother to the public. Everyone greeted new parents.

There are many greetings on Twitter. Power Rajput writes – Congratulations to the daughter of the girl, Neha Dhupia.

After long love, Neha and Angad sat on the wedding card in May. Since then, the reason was that Neha had been pregnant because of her pregnancy.

Although he was silent about the issue of the beginning, it was all unacceptable, and he and his family also disagreed. Even father's father blown the issue as a noise.

After the baby shower Neha. At that time, Angad received the news of being a Neha's mother through the social site.

The statement was that, if he knew the child, he would have difficulty getting work, because he first went down the stairs.

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