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Party's decision to accept the party's nomination? -Delect

Dhaka, November 16 (bdnews24.com) – A total of around 4,500 party leaders have bought a nomination form for Friday (November 16th) with the hope of becoming a BNP candidate for the Eleventh Jatiya Sangsad election. As a result, the number of nominees in each of the seats is 15. It is known that one candidate will be nominated for each seat, the others will be dropped. How many nominations are willing to accept the party's decision? Some leaders who want to be candidates are kept the question. They said that the party must give them the best to nominate leaders who have left the party and are active in the streets. But if the nomination is given to those leaders on the ground that have not been with leaders on the ground in the last 10 years, then there will be confusion.

BNP policy makers on the ground urged popular populations on the ground and accepted the rice symbol in the area by accepting it in the area. Many leaders who come to the nomination form are several leaders. If you choose the suitable person, they will work with each other for their shoulder shoulder with shoulders.

Humayun Kabir has introduced the nomination form for the Dhaka-7 constituency. He said, the front election is a battle. Through this fight, I release my mother and democracy. I will be working with everyone else if the party had nominated me. And if someone else has to nominate from the team, then I'll work for that candidate. Whatever the candidate, my job will be for rice grain. & # 39;

Former Mayor Waras Ali Mamun collected nomination forms from the Jamalpur-5 constituency. He said, I believe myself worthy. Hopefully the team will consider. If no other person is nominated, there will be no objection. The party's decision is the last word. However, there will be hope that the party will nominate the country.

The BNP president of the Pirojpur district of Gazi Nuruzzaman Babul has called on the 11th parliamentary election as the process of removing Khaleda Zia. In order to participate in the organization, he has presented the nomination form to his / her election to the election. His comments, & # 39; The process of accelerating Madam's release movement is that this election is the process of accelerating Madam's liberation movement. I was nominated for the release of Madam in the organization. & # 39;

If the final nomination is not given, then the person who the party's nominees will work for will win? On a question of such he said, Of course, I will work. As I said before, this election is the liberation process of movement movement Madam movement. And in that process, I will not be nominated if the party is not nominated. This election is to elect our lives. "

Krishibid Chowdhury Abdullah Al Faruk introduced a nomination form for Netrokona-4 seats. The BNP's central committee leader said, "Who will nominate the decision will be determined by policy makers." However, the team is expected to be a qualified, acceptable and popular leader for carrying the rice symbol.

Haider Ali Lenin presented a nomination form for the Ball Sadar constituency. He said, I have collected nomination forms with youth representatives and the support of the people of each area of ​​the area. If you believe that the team is eligible, you will receive a nomination. If we give it to someone else, we will accept it. But it should be a competent person and an active person on the streets. Then there will be no barriers. Conflict can arise if someone is nominated by the party, if there is no communication with the grassland. That is why the eligible person should be nominated. & # 39;

BNP general secretary Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed, on Friday (16 November), said, "How many people have purchased nomination forms over time, the sale and submission of nomination forms has not come to ben again. " There will be some more time. As a result, the number of nominated forms purchased, it can not be said at the moment. However, this can be said to have exceeded 4,500. At the end of the process, the total calculation can be called. & # 39;

He also said that the last day of collecting and presenting a BNP nomination form is Friday. Those who expect to nominate BNP, their interview will begin on Sunday (November 18th) at the Gulshan office of the Plaid Chair. An interview for Panchagarh area applicants will be held in the Rangpur Region area first. After this, the nomination candidates of the Rajshahi Department will be interviewed. On November 19, the interview takes place in the Barisal and Khulna regions. Nomination of the rest of the group will be notified after the interview.

Earlier, on November 12, the BNP began to sell nomination forms for fourteen, the last day on Friday (16 November). On the first day, the general director BNP, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, opened the program by collecting nomination forms from Venice-1, Bogra-6 and Bogra -7 seats for the Chairman of BNP Khaleda Zia. Nearly all senior party leaders collect nomination. The price of the BNP nomination form has to be stored at Tk 5000. However, according to the deposit, every person must pay 25,000 rupees as security.

MA / 11: 22/16 November

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