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Seasonal in a war movie


Seasonal in a war movie

Seasonal Image Files

Enjoy the work of the movie Liberation War, director Musami. He has already played several films. Get well-known. Discovered the heroine of the period that now appears in another movie.

The name of the image is "reach -71" The history of the film is based on the contribution of the Bangladeshi police to the liberation war. It will be shown unlike the seasonal century-old Vadud. This is exactly what photo producer Mirza Shahavat Hossein made.

Musumi said she signed a film contract on Tuesday evening. He will play the role of Firoz. Major "Aadhaar-71" will take place on July 16 at the FDK.

As to the story of the film, the heroine said that Abdul Kader Mia had a huge contribution to the liberation war. At that time he was an active officer of the "Deighan" police station of Panchagarha. He was shot dead on June 1 this year. The film will play the freedom fighter Abdul Kader Mia in the movie W. Vadud and his wife will be seen as Musumi Shooting will be held in various locations in Northern Bengal, including the FDC, the Rajarbagh police line. Along with the construction of a film script and dialogue, he himself Mirza Sahavat Gossein.

Mirza Shahavat said that the picture was filed with the Police Headquarters in 2013. It was approved. However, the work of the film did not begin for various reasons. I'm currently working with my own manufacturing company.

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