Monday , July 26 2021

Smart two phones

Apart from leading model phones, Vivo has two cars in the market with the necessary features within the smartphone of the budget.

RAM 71: 2GB with a 16GB ROM, Qualcomm processor, Viva Y71, enabling the full viewing display to be enjoyed. This smartphone was used by snapdragon klapmap, which can be used by the app. In addition, its camera has a light HD light that can be enjoyed by the perfect picture in more light. This smartphone can be bought in black and gold color at 9,990.

Vivo The 81i Face phone has a Face Unlocking to make the best. Image: Press ReleaseWi-Fi 81: Smart Von Phones Broadcasting in Bangladesh, a 6.22 inch display will be available in this smartphone. Separately, the camera has a professional mood, which gives pleasure to photography. Opposition Facial feature for maximum phone security. And its 3260 mAh battery will be available to get more backup time. This phone price with ROM ROM ROM ROM ROM is 12,990.

There is certainty for next year's phone sales in two phones. For detailed information, go to Press Release

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