Saturday , July 31 2021

The Netherlands beat the world champions of France

The Netherlands beat 2-0 world champions to win the League of Nations final in the light of semifinals In the Rotterdam game on Friday, the first game was defeated after the World Cup, the Didi Desai team won.

Giorgio Viññalilla and the team gave the goal first before the break. Memphis alleged the penalty penalty distance during the stop. If you get one point against the regulated Germany on Monday, the semifinals will be confirmed by Dutchmen. The Netherlands was on top of the group with one point behind the Netherlands. If he were drawing on a Friday, he would have decided to go to France for the last four. But in the end, the Netherlands was not close to out-of-football. World champions

After the match, Dutch coach Ronald Cohen said, "I did not expect so much from my team, but they proved me wrong. We played very well. It was astonished to see the French line, but our game was absolutely perfect. We played the full 90 minutes in the game.

After failing to play in the World Cup final, the Netherlands have been moving very well in the mission to bring them back. After losing the first game to France in the League of Nations, the former German champion came to 3-0 in the conflict, and the Quanan pupils came back very well. In the game yesterday, they have completely owned the world's champions. Hugo Loris did not excavate more goals in the outstanding performance of France

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