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The Song Festival is accumulated

Entertainment Reporter: The sub-representative's most popular folk festival, & Dhaka Dhaka's international folk songs festival;

Fourth edition of the festival, which began on November 15 at the Army Stadium in the capital. The second day of the event was held on Friday three days. On the second day of the festival, the crowd gathered at the Bangladesh Army Stadium to enjoy the audience and the audience in the form of folk songs. On the evening of November 16th, the festival's sixth day of the Festival Werin has to screen with nighttime.

Swarabenjo appeared popular Rajshahi Folk Fusion band first on the stage after lighting. & # 39; Do you want to know what your real name is, Rajaraja Tum Salam, apart from the movie Hirak Raza Satyajit Ray, & How many world books & # 39 ; which they serve. She introduced the song Babu Fazlur Rahman & Tune & # 39; a & t; tune & # 39; the fusion quarry of the song Indubala, but the audience was interesting to them. He then came to the platform at the Bahrain Majra Fusion Band. After that, Raghu Dasit, India's popular folk genre artist, beat the platform. Thousands of visitors sang in his song Then the United States Tehna Music & # 39;

Around 11pm, the folk empire of Bengali, Mumtaz, appeared before thousands of visitors. The song began singing and singing also sang with him in a tone of grief. After this song, sangaphati momphaj sung by Sonar Murshid Ray, and I love you, I love you. He then sang the movie's favorite song, "I do not know, such a life has been given to any crime, you have organized so much to burn me." It's only after the song the song plays. Mamtaj said, "Even if the winter is low in Dhaka, the village is now cool. The village was filled with the eyes of the people of the city. The song & My Sona Behara Raiilai was a great winter in the country Momtaj was preparing to sing another song. At the time of the stadium filled the audience, he had to sing a local bus song. song singing today, the song that finally sings Visiting sweeping The song goes after a song Pankhka.- Mammat said, how the government is developing a power. The fan will no longer be used. People now use AC. If the village of Pangkha from Bengal has gone, then it can leave the museum. Then the song sang. The audience stopped its performance. the screen at the Werin Festival a second day.

Artists from the 7 world countries, including Bangladesh, will be taking part in this festival. A total of 174 musicians will sing. Dhaka International Werin Festival 2011 & # 39; three days screened on November 17. The Dhaka International Folk Festival was held since 2015. For the fourth year running, the San Foundation has organized the International Song of Song International 2013.

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