Tuesday , June 15 2021

“Train” by Sabbir Nasir to the tune of Murad Nur

Singer Sabbir Nasir sang folk songs to the tune of the happy poet Asim Sakha and composer Murad Nur. The title of the song is “Tan”.

The song will be aired on Boishakh with a concert by Mushfikur Lita.

Regarding the new song, Sabbir Nasir said: “I sang a song called ‘Amare Diya Dilam Tomare’ to the tune of Murad Nur at Mushfikur Lita’s concert last February.” This song found a place in the hearts of listeners. This time I sang a song called “Tan”, written by the poet Asim Sakha. Murad Nur composed a wonderful melody of the song. Although I was a little hesitant at first. I doubted whether I could define my life in the words of such great poets? Tan is going to publish in a year of hesitation and research. We hope that our tradition of the folk song “pulling out” will come to the fore.

Composer Murad Nur said: “I personally like to create folk songs. I am proud of the heritage of Bengal. This is my second work with Subbir Nasir. I made the song with great care and time. I believe that our creation will be wonderful.

The poet Asim Sakha said: “Nur composed melodies in many of my works. He composed a wonderful melody according to the meaning of the words. Subbir’s singing words became full of melody. Even after such a busy schedule, Sabbir’s love for folk songs fascinated me. Good luck to Nur and Sabbir ‘.

Please note that the song by Subbir Nasir was given to me as a gift, and you left in a short time. His songs called Dum Dum, Abol Tabol, Harsh are also very popular.

Although Sabbir Nasir was a regular artist in the 1990s, he was out of music for a long time for personal reasons. Inspired by modern musicians and friends, he returned to the studio in 2016.

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