Monday , September 20 2021

Belgians abroad: Manchester City wins against Wolverhampton, Yanuraz wins with Societe des in Spain

Red Devils

Manchester City beat Wolverhampton 3-0 at the closing of the 22nd day of the championship on Monday, remaining four points behind Liverpool's lead (57 points) overall.

The city's actions quickly bowed after the 10th minute of the game, Gabriel Jesus, scored a goal when Wolf, de Leander De Donker played for 90 minutes, dropped to ten after a direct exclusion from Willie Bol in the 19th. The Brazilian has added a second goal on his counter, on a penalty and on the City in the 39th (2: 0). In the second half, Koadi, on his side, unfortunately has increased the mark (3-0, 78).

After his mercenary problems during a shock at Liverpool, Vincent Company was not on the bench of the City where Kevin De Bruin is in the initial stage. Red Devils went to the 62nd.

In Spain, Real Sociedad, where the starter was Adnan Januzaj, he seemed to have finished the game early with two goals in eight minutes of the game. First for Merino (3rd) and second for a penalty for Brazilian Willian (8th). Espanyol, however, equalized to half the time Naldo (2: 1, 32nd) and Llorente (2: 2, 45 + 1).

Real Sociedad resumed his second-half goal with a new goal from Willian (63), 3: 2, this will be the final score, even if Real Sociedad finished ten after the second yellow card waving Merino's nose in a quarter hour drive. Adnan Janujaz was released on 84 minutes.

Guillaume Gilles (Lens) played almost 15 minutes with the object but lost

Former Red Devil Guillaume Widette (22 goals, 1 goal), who has not played for nearly ninety months, has finally resumed football football on Monday at P & # 35; Brisson in Beauvais, the French League 2. His club, Racing de Lens, however, made a very bad deal on this matter, losing 1-0 to Red Star, a red lantern that is not suddenly at the end of the 20th day.

As soon as he arrived at the Red Star with Cholet, Algerian striker Ussam Abdelzhelil, who was the best scorer in the National, French D3, really scored the fastest goal of the season in the first minute. The purpose of the victory is already ….

Gillette (formerly AS Eupen, La Gantoise, Anderlecht, Bastia, Nantes and Olympiacos, among others), who replaced Modibo Sanyana in the 84th, played in the last quarter hours due to the injury of the goalkeeper. local Nicholas Soul (formerly Paris Saint Germain and … Lyns).

The latter was really treated for seven minutes on the lawn, before still having to give way to Sebastien Reno. Hence, the endless stop of the game, during which the Red Star heroically defended its three points to the end.

Guillaume Gilles, who was wounded, did not play since September 1 (2: 0 in the Metz), and it was only his sixth game of the season, the fourth in the league. He tried to bring his team to the goal, and was successful, despite the inevitable lack of pace, and skipped passage through slip.

He, of course, lost for his return, but among the winners was a Belgian.

Amado Diallo (formerly the Union of Namier, the White Star of Brussels and Circle de Brugge), played him the whole game, and played well, even if it ended on the brink of exhaustion.

Lance remains in three points from the Paris FK, the virtual barrier, the third and seven points from the Stade Brest, the second and direct sum.

"Red Star" – the maiden & # 39; fifteenth in four points from Sochau, a barracksman.

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