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Cruelly attacked through a photo, Kelly Vedoveli answers critics


It was a simple photography holiday as stars love to place in their social networks. This Tuesday, Kelly Vedoveli, a handsome columnist, Touche, who was not at my post, published a photo of her woven blonde in a colorful and hard suit.

But although the cliché was supposed to be sexy, the reactions in the comments were dangerous. Pure surfers focused on certain physical features of a young woman and were not ashamed to criticize her. Particularly on piercings, knitwear lets guess on the nipple of her left breast. "So, we have nipples pierced," "What is a nasty and vulgar piercing? Can it be, for example, read?

Others decided to "curve" Kelly Vedoveli directly. – Are you pregnant? "You did not take a little? "," The bottle stops eating "," What this bitch is pregnant "…

Facing such a lot of completely inappropriate and unpleasant comments, the young woman was looking forward to answering questions from one of her followers. – Can you take a step back from criticizing your physique? – he asked. "I assume that everything I publish, otherwise I will not post."

For Kelly Vedovel, these critical remarks are not numerous "in comparison to others." First of all, it does not really "bother her" because she knows that she does not want to succeed due to her physique. – With the appearance of only physical, but we do not stay. "

This is a clear answer that will make you think more than one.

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