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Dance with stars: LIVE. Follow the special bonus critics a minute ago

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Iris Mittenaere, Terence Telle, Clement Remiens and Heloise Martin have the same goal after these special bonus judges: reaching the final.

10:10 p.m .. Héloïse Martin and Christophe Licata perform tango with Chris Marques on Ta Marinière. "Thank you Chris, Hellias, you've taken a step, you understand what the body's tone is," Shy. Jean-Marc Généreux: "It was very good, you want a semifinal and you may have it". "Everything is right", Patrick Dupond.

Judges' notes: Patrick Dupond: 8, Shy: 9, Jean-Marc Généreux: 8 or 25 points

9:58 p.m. Shy's, Terence Telle and Fauve Hautot are rumba's dancing on My Benz. Patrick Dupond: "It was a challenge of extreme complexity of Sensuality, rigor … For me, it's the access to the semifinals". Chris Marques: "I have to be honest, I'm surprised, the real difficulty was to see you interacting and managing Shy Fauve Hautot, I enjoy watching & # 39 ; this dance ". Jean-Marc Généreux "It was good, it was beautiful, it was hot, I'm still responsible for global warming."

Judges' notes: Patrick Dupond: 10, Chris Marques: 8, Jean-Marc Généreux: 8 or 26 points.

9:28 p.m. Jean-Marc Généreux, Clément Rémiens and Denitsa Ikonomova perform jive sur y
from the series Sauvé's cult by the gang SAVED BY THE BELL gong.
Powerful performance. Chris Marques: "I think it's absolutely great, Clement that you did not let me, I'll see a final". Shy: m: "This is the most beautiful jewel I've had to see in the season."

Judges' notes: Patrick Dupond: 10, Shy: 9, Chris Marques: 9 or 28 points

9:19 p.m .. Patrick Dupond, Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette are contemporary dancing on Your legacy Benjamin Biolay. The choreography re-customization attempt was to follow Patrick Dupond's injury on exercises. Patrick Dupond has tears in his eyes at the end of the performance. Shy: m: "Congratulations to each of the three, the lead thread was simple, validity … I did not ordain, it was very good." Chris Marques: "What works for me is that I'm seeing a bit of madness, we see a small imbalance, I'm not sure he's at the level to reach the semifinals." Jean-Marc Généreux: "Much class, I appreciate your musical and investment in your character, we will see a dedicated and determined woman, Iris Mittenaere".

Judges' notes: Shy & # 39; m: 8, Chris Marques: 6, Jean-Marc Généreux: 8 or 22 points

9:12 p.m .. The opening dance is done on BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY

09:09 Let's go for the final of 1/4 Dance with stars. Tonight, every member of the jury will dance with a couple.

They are only four candidates in a competition:
two girls and two boys. Who Iris Mittenaere, Terence Telle, Clement
Rémiens and Héloïse Martin will continue with adventure at the end of this new premium?
This Saturday, more than ever, the stars are ready to give them the best
to arrive at the weekend. They can count on the support
unfavorable to an appropriate dancer. During this great evening, the
four-dose still in the race will perform twice on the dance floor:
once in relation, another time with a member of the jury.
There will be an honor to Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette
to contemporary dancing with Patrick Dupond. Terence Telle to Fauve Hautot
show their talent with Shy on rumbaid. Clement Remiens a Denitsa
Ikonomova will be performing in collaboration with Chris Marques. As for Heloise Martin
and Christophe Licata, they will dance tango with Jean-Marc Généreux. All
week, stars, dancers and critics work hard to do the

While waiting for this great evening, relocating Terence Telle's exercises.

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