Friday , April 16 2021

"It was not perfect but we had the mastery for 90 minutes"

Red Devils beat Iceland (2-0) on Thursday after a game. Faced with defensive defensive block, the players Roberto Martinez have suffered the blame. As a good captain, Eden Hazard however, draw a number of positive lessons.

"There was a bit like the first leg. Even if we won 0-3, it was difficult for the first 20 minutes. It is a very compressed team that defends today that came today to play against and try not to take a goal. But it's good to win games like that. Be patient and have control. We received the mastery for 90 minutes, Analysis of dangers on the RTBF microphone. In the first half, there was a shortage of rhythm on and we did some bad choices in the last pass and the last dribbling. The trainer told us during the break to be a patient and he would come. We had opportunities in the second half and placed at the bottom."

Still becoming very excited despite unusual technical errors, Devils' captain was again determined to unlock the situation. Its centimeters center to insulate Thomas Meunier in the opposition area to the total imbalance of Iceland block and the meeting was thrown away.

"That's what the expectants, the coach and the supporters expect from me. I try to make Eden! Today, everything has not been perfect, collective and individually. But we are continuing, we are moving on."

After this game almost without a bid, put the final 2 of this group against Switzerland, Sunday night in Lucerne.

"This game was an incentive for the Sunday game, very simple. He's good preparation against a good team. I do not know who will be in front of Switzerland like this game tonight, but we saw in the first leg against Switzerland that a team was a great defense. But who was also attacking well. We know what to expect"ensures n ° 10.

It's always good to win the first trophy of competition

For the first place in this group, Belgium would be eligible for the first Four Final o & n The League of Nations. With the ambition to get a first trophy.

"Here is the talk of the trainer and the players. This is the first time for the League of Nations, which we want to win. It is always good to win the first trophy of competition. I believe that we should also show that we are not ranked 1st in the FIFA site."

Having aligned with each other on the left, the two brothers Hazard (Eden and Thorgan) try to combine and make their automatic talk.

"When I play with Thorgan, there are automated cars. Even if we have not played a lot together yet. We know each other well, we know how everyone responds, we know how everyone moves. It may have been some more passages than others … but do not say thatThere are jokes with normal cheating.

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