Monday , September 20 2021

"Party of Destruction", "non-event …": politicians respond to Barth De Vever's candidacy

Bart Devewer announced that he is running for the post of Flemish Prime Minister.

The nomination of Bart De Weaver for the post of President of the Flemish Region caused a strong reaction from several presidents of the French-speaking parties.

Elio Di Rupo compared N-VA with " side of destruction » " N-VA wants to destroy our country and our social security Said the man at the head of the Socialist Party.

According to Benoit Lutgen, " Plans for the DeWeaver Comet for its future obligations and dissolution of the country have nothing to do with the expectations of the people. » " In conditions of social, economic and environmental emergencies, we need real projects, no personal ambitions – said the president of the MP.

For Zakia Khattabi, co-chairman Eco, Bart De Vever nominee – non-event » She " does not see new requirements And he says, rejoice " that there are alternatives to this polarization of PS-N-VA »

"Divide and conquer"

According to President DeFi, the intentions of Bart De Vever and the way to act in politics are not mysterious. " We need to be more subtle and intelligent in order not to give him an attempt to dictate his law – says Oliver Meinhein.

Raul Hedeboy (PTB) is also not surprised by the N-VA strategy: " As in 2014, his goal is to increase the public dimension with the philosophy of division and victory » " If De Wever hopes to use the PTB vote to justify the division of the country, it is mistaken – The president says.

As for the leader of the People's Party, Mikhail Modrikamen perceives in Confederalism " the opportunity for the Frenchmen to take their future into their own hands »

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