Monday , September 20 2021

Share your Netflix account with your friends, not soon?


You know him of this good friend who gives his Netflix credentials and passwords and all the benefits to him. This may not be possible in the near future, as RTL explains, referring to the site The Verge. The artificial intelligence software, presented at the CES in Las Vegas by Synamedia, tracks "illegal users."

In economics we are talking about the theory of the stops of Wicksell. One or more people enjoy the same benefits as others without doing the same thing as they are.

And, of course, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Deezer, Spotify, Canal + … it's almost the same. Sometimes there is someone who pays, others get their username and password and use the same service for free. It's a bit unfair for a good pear that finances a subscription for everyone, but he wants it. On the other hand, Synamedia had to find that it was completely unfair for online platforms, since it introduced CES in Las Vegas to artificial intelligence software that can detect "underground users."

Identify users from time, place of connection …

This system, called Credentials Sharing Insight, is still in the testing phase. The streaming platform can purchase Synamedia software. The latter will analyze user account data (time, location, location support, view review). Article "Edge" refers to comments by Synamedia's Synamedia product manager Jean-Marc Racine: "A typical example is that the subscriber can simultaneously browse the content on the east coast and on the west coast of the United States. It is unlikely that he is one person. "

From simple warning to closing an account

The practice of shared accounts would represent a large shortage of streaming platforms. Synamedia has already identified university campuses as places that reach the "peak of shareholders." Netflix or Deezer have not yet announced whether they want to use Insight Sharing Insight.

If multiple users happen, what happens? The service provider may settle a fine in the case of joint accounts. It can range from simple email alert (up to seven advanced access) to closing an account (in the case of very extensive online sharing). "This is a great way to keep people honest, using an additional source of income," says Jean Mark Racine.

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