Tuesday , January 19 2021

“Sorry, but such things happen”

Angelina, a young 30-year-old, confidently went to the Conclusion. I must say that the item she came to sell inspired her confidence and, above all, seemed worth the money. At least in his eyes. “When I saw that there was a small signature, I was a little interested in this object, and that’s how I found out that it might cost a little money,” she confided before the examination in the show.

But his golden sculpture from a German shepherd did not strike. Because Enora Alix, the auctioneer of the day, quickly dampened the candidate’s hopes. “He created a variety of animals, more or less fashionable and more or less collected animals. Especially this model of dog, which will not be her best subject in this topic, she began. Except for the German Shepherd, we no longer see. It’s a bit old-fashioned, like an animal, even on the street, ”she began, explaining.

The problem is, this is not the only negative point of this object. The creator, Louis-Albert Carvin, “is not very expensive”, and, “among the animals presented by him, which are the least appreciated and least in demand today, it is, unfortunately, this model of dog.”. Worse, Angelina’s object was repainted. “It’s not a patina, it’s. It was even spray-painted. I think it was protected in a garbage bag and repainted with spray paint to make marks. So the “patina” is far from wonderful … “, – added the expert.

If Sophie Davant tried to ironize the situation – “When she looks like this, it’s not good, not at all …” – Enora Alix came to make a graceful coup. “Unfortunately, it’s a regulator,” an inexpensive alloy of tin and lead that mimics bronze and “dislikes.” – Angelina, you have a good time here, nice? “, Added the host of the show to try to restore a good atmosphere.

Finally, although Angelina expected to receive 300 euros for her sculpture, she had to agree to an estimate of 50 euros. “I’m sorry, but such things happen …” Sophie Davant tried to calm down.

Fortunately, she was able to withdraw 150 euros in the auction hall.

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