Saturday , July 31 2021

"The Borough has a huge attractiveness", welcomes its future mayor-bourgmestre

Christian Beoziere (PS), who will become a mayor that acts as the borough in the absence of Rudi Vervoort (PS), presently Minister-President of the Brussels Region, in an interview with La Capitale.

"Yes, I am happy. In terms of the responsibilities given to me, yes, I am ready. I had scouts, and I learned to be always ready. When I was the president of the CPAS, I did not know anything. Today, there are many things I'll know, but I'll think I'll have to find out more. I believe that I have the sense of control , to work as a team. I want the transformational communication between the services, I have already replaced Pierre Muylle (PS) as a role that makes the burgomaster (Editor's note: his predecessor). I learned a lot "he explains.

For the one who has been the president of the CPAS during 21 years before becoming an alderman 2016, there is no need to prevent the population growth in the borough. "We do not want to stop it. Evere has a huge attractiveness, it's a green community. It's built in every corner, but we always keep green spaces. I understand their fear, but There's a mistake of appreciation. The houses that are created are of good quality housing. We're working to make the town desirable, Evere is nothing but a bedroom. & # 39; n town where we live well ", he said.

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