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Globo begins to face nine new at night – 11/19/2018

Globo continues to work hard in the process of organizing and renewing authors in his various bands of novels. The accommodation was in the past. With Silvio de Abreu at the forefront of all dramatic, as well as a number of changes that have already been processed, others are on the way, including the most important of these times, of which 9 are us.

Lícia Manzo comes with bats like "A Vida da Gente" and "Sete Vidas", shown at 6:00 PM, as the next attraction, in a position to share their work alongside names such as Walcyr Carrasco and Aguinaldo Silva. "In Its Name" appears as the emergency title of the plot.

Even the Lycia novel can be predicted as an artistic director, film maker Mauricio Farias. Although his name is aligned with humor – "Casseta", "Tapas e Beijos", "It's Not On" …-, it is recognized as an experienced professional with work in number of novels, on Globe.

Licia is expected to do it first between the end of 2019 and early 2020.


"Home Owner" is the title of a new set of comedy set up in the Multishow in the first half of 2019.

The project, a partnership of the producers RG (Rogério Gallo) and Floresta, will be thought of by his team director Daniel Ghivelder and with the cast.


Henry Castelli even goes "Malhação – Toda Maneira de Amar", instead of "Vidas Brasileiras".

Written by Emanuel Jacobina, with general guidance by Adriano Mello, begins to be recorded in January.

Estevam Avellar / TV Globo
Luiza Tomé, Scarlet Mackenzie in "The Seventh Guardian" Image: Estevam Avellar / TV Globo

Come, go, but come back

Luiza Tomé, like Scarlet Mackenzie, comes in to "The Seventh Guardian" in Chapter 9 on Wednesday.

It seems and disappears. Only by 38 – "so the people are losing. I hope."

To work

Danilo Gentili, Murilo Couto, Léo Lins and Dani Calabresa are already involved in the first season recordings of the horror and comedy series – not necessarily in this order – "The Terminators".

The production comes from Warner and Clube Filmes.

Short Circle

The SBT has the record of "Night Nights". A record was used, without knowing or going over.

He had a quest. And then he took it, but he did not give anyone else in the place.

She has a history

In SBT, the most regular complaint, is always recording to copy the things or your mentrau.

And there's even a list: a novel at 8:30 p.m.; film fair; double of novels – end of one, start the other and chicken a week. Of course, of course, for the copy.

Take light

Artistic director "Summer 90", substitute "Time Not For", Jorge Fernando has played the recordings within an established action plan.

Although it's exciting, it's always good and present to dispose of it, after having a stroke, the work has shared with other directors. Health first.

Mab João

Art Band 1, by Band Band, is for the first December 14, "Philosophy and Music" program, produced by Cine Group.

It is directed by Francisco Bosco, son of João Bosco, in which the guests will talk about the words that are interpreted and linked to philosophy, except singing in the studio .


The first season of "Philosophy and Music" will have four episodes, with Nando Reis, Tom Zé, Marina Lima and Lenine.

Bia Ferreira, which fomented on the internet with the video Noto Esmola Cota, sings the opening theme, the song "Filosofia", by Noel Rosa.


Rede TV !, who has just turned 19, now headquarters in Osasco is a small museum.

The space brings together old computers, pictures and other equipment, even from the days when the station operated at Alphaville.

Catching off there

The TV Network! organizes itself so that all its programs have unique content, in the internet, already in 2019, within the concept of multi-configuration. And from journalism to entertainment.

The aim is to engage the audience online and, at the same time, integrate web content with television content.


"Expedição Uruguai" is the premiere series this Monday in the "Jornal da Band", in work by the author Filipe Peixoto.

By car, he has traveled thousands of miles through rural Uruguay, famous for cattle, sweet milk, casinos … but also the controversial decision to release recreational use of farijuana and legalize abortion.

Tain Muller is "Love & Sex" Image: Disclosure / TV Globo

Program tomorrow

"Love & Sex", one of the brilliant seasons, will be Taina Muller as one of the special guests on the Tuesday program.

Presentation Fernanda Lima.

Beat – Repayment

• The "Don Donos da Bola", by Neto, with something that he says or comments from the participants has given a few extra money to the Recorders & Band …
• … The use of images of the program on Youtube, as usual, has represented around $ 80,000 per video.
• Director José Emílio Ambrósio has been promoting meetings with Band people …
• … If everything goes ahead, there is a desire to present very interesting plans for the sector over the next few months.
• And sport continues to be a great Band business …
• … So, look: the VT of the 17-year-old women's worldcup, one and a half in the morning, has seen audiences higher than almost every morning schedule.
• TV Brasil promotes the first program of the "Atos" program, Monday, at 10:45 p.m., receiving Antonio Pitanga as the first guest …
• … A program in partnership with Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras which investigates the challenges of the training and actor …
• … It will be 13 episodes 13 minutes in the first season.

* Collaborated with José Carlos Nery

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