Monday , August 2 2021

Marcelo Pilot transferred to the federal prison of Catanduvas, in the PR

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Photo: Ministry of Justice and Security

Brazil's drug trader and a member of Comando Vermelho (CV), Marcelo Pinheiro Veiga, Marcelo Piloto, will be held in the federal prison of Catanduvas, in Paraná, is considered to be the greatest security. Marcelo Pilot was arrested in Asuncion, Paraguay, and was expelled from the country on Monday (19) which was transferred to the Paraguay authorities to Foz do Iguaçu, in Paraná.

The Special Public Safe Ministry confirmed that the design of a Pilot at Catanduvas, but did not give details of the transfer.

There was an extradition request made by the Ministry of Justice, through the National Secretariat of Justice, but with the transfer to Brazil, the suit loses the object. According to the ministry, Marcelo Piloto can answer here in Brazil about the offense committed in Paraguay. The case now transfers to the Federal Police.

Marcelo Pilot was sent back to Brazil after being accused of murdering a young woman who would have visited her on Saturday (17) in the expert group of the Paraguay National Police. The drug trader was presented at 7 am for the Federal Police of Brazil, on the Amizade Bridge, which connects the city of Paraguaya Ciudad del Este, Foz do Iguaçu, in Paraná.

Paraguay's president, Mario Abdo Benitez, broke the news about the merchant of the trader in a Twitter post. "I decided to get rid of Marcelo Pinheiro," Common Pilot "of Paraguay. Our country is not a land for anyone," the leader wrote.

Marcelo Pilot is sentenced in Rio de Janeiro to a 26 year term in prison. In Paraguay, he was arrested for murder and falsifying documents. A process for extradition was also opened, at the request of the Brazilian court.


Leader of the Red Order, who was wearing sneakers to the sports team, was presented to the Brazilian agents in the Bont of Friends Friendship and he was brought to the Federal Police headquarters in Foz. A federal birthday pilot should be transferred, but PF gave details of the surgery.

According to the newspaper ABC Color, from Paraguay, the Brazilian drug helicopter from Asuncion to Ciudad del Este took a Brazilian helicopter.

During the border transport, Marcelo Piloto had covered his face and wrapped a bullet bullet by the National Police. The presenter's document was signed by the representative Carlos Eduardo Vieira, the head of the Federal Police Intelligence Nucleus in Foz do Iguaçu.

According to the Paraguay press, Brazil would have used a pudding knife to hit after Lidia Meza Burgos, 18, who came to visit her on Saturday. The victim comes from the town of General Resquín, in the San Pedro section. The murder of the woman was confirmed by the head of the group, Germán Real Medina.

After hearing screams, the agents went to the scene and found that the woman bleed. The victim was brought back to the Assault Neighborhood Hospital in Asuniad but they could not resist. The body went through specialty and was removed to the official morgue.

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