Tuesday , April 20 2021

Patients cause three deaths in BH on holiday – General

Where and the place was the woman and the child
Where and the girl and the dead child had drowned in Venda Nova (photo: Fire Department / Divulgao)

The heavy rainfall that fell in Melo Horizonte between afternoon and Thursday, during the Republican holiday, kills three people, causing flooding in the streets and city paths. The victims were in two of the many vehicles that had been washed away.

A woman and a child of about 10 years was found dead in a car drawn by the stream formed by outside water at the crossroads of Vilarinho and Cristiano Machado roads in the North Region. The car was moved to the metro line at the bottom of Estao Shopping, near the crossroads of Vilarinho and Cristiano Machado roads.

The subway line was eventually banned so that the military department of the Fire Department would wait for civil casualties to eliminate the victims. By late Thursday evening, the names were not identified.

Another death happened due to the rain in Avenida lvaro Camargos, in Venda Nova. Firefighters came to a woman's body in the vicinity of Rio Branco and Joo Batista neighborhoods. Access to the site was prohibited for the arrival of civil specialization.

Meter closed

The flood also gave Estao Vilarinho the best, of bus and meter integration, at Venda Nova. The terminal had to be closed and Move bus lines must be diverted. Hundreds of travelers had to shadow in high places as they stopped the platforms being released so that they could return home. Many came to an end to select Txis or transport per application.

The flooding came to an end to Estao Vilarinho, from bus and meter integration, at Venda Nova (photo: Cristiane Silva / EM)

In the immediate vicinity, the occupiers of several vehicles were forced to block cars carried by the flood. Fire Brigade troops had to carry out inspections immediately after reports that people had taken the current during the flood.

Temporarily dragging cars close
Seasonal car drags in the vicinity of Vilarinho Avenue (picture: Marcos Vieira / EM)

According to the transport service users, the metro compositions stopped at the Waldomiro Lobo station, because the Floram and Vilarinho access came to flood. Chantal Arajo Laje, one of Contagem's residence, was in the Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Region, at Estao Shopping when she was shocked by the storm and could not return home. He said he had to chair climbing to escape from flooding.

According to the Civil Defense of Belo Horizonte City, rainfall flooded the Lareira stream, in Bairro So Joo Batista, with a flood record in Rua Doutor lvaro Camargos, where the Venda Nova UPA. In addition to Venda Nova, there was flood in Mampulha, with warnings of transshipment risk for streams such as Sarandi, Hangover and Nuts.

Mayor of Belo Horizonte, Alexandre Kalil, informed him to visit on Friday morning the areas affected by the severe weather.

Fierce day

According to the Civil Defense, today was the most rainy day in Melo Horizonte this year. Accumulated rain, according to the regional perimeter, from 12:30 a.m. i 8:30 p.m. was: Barreiro – 45.0, Sul Center – 50.0, Leste – 28.2, North East – 27.6, North West – 43.6, North – 32.0, West – 73.0, Pampulha – 101.6, Venda Nova – 92.4.

The officer gave a valid notice by Friday.

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