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Pro-Lava Action Jet and Moro collect thousands and the minister thanks


After the opening of possible talks with Minister Sergio Moro (justice and public safety) and members of the Lava Jato Operational Group, thousands of people went out on Sunday (30) to support the operation and the former federal judge. Demonstrators have also taken the opportunity to protect the approval of the social welfare reform. And they received the support of President Yair Bolshonoraro and Minister Sergio Moro, who demonstrated through their social networks.

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Bolsonaro, who just arrived from Japan to attend the G-20 summit, congratulated the protesters for the courtesy of the actions on Sunday. "The Brazilian population has once again shown that it has legitimacy, conscience and responsibility, which are increasingly included in the political decisions of our Brazil", wrote the president in his official profile on Twitter.

GALLERY: See photos of the demonstrations this Sunday

Minister Sergio Moro was more resolute in his publications. He thanked the protest at night and said that he always acted correctly as a judge, and now as a minister. "I accepted the invitation of the Ministry of Social Security for the consolidation of anti-corruption achievements and the fight against organized crime and violent crime. wrote in his official profile on Twitter.

Moro also thanked Bolsanor and everyone who supported and trusted his work. "Hackers, criminals or harmful editors will not change these basic truths. We will move forward with the Congress, with the institutions and with their support," he said.

In the afternoon, he wrote in his official profile on Twitter: "I see, I hear. Lava Jato, Anti-Criminal Project, Pension, Reform, Change, Future. " The phrase was accompanied by a photo of Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo, which was taken by the supporters of Lava Jato and the order of the reforms of the government of Bolsonaro.

Before that morning, Moro made a similar publication. He wrote "I See". I hear, "and that supporters of Lava Jato held demonstrations in several states. The difference is that this post, located in the morning, originally had a video of Avenida Atlântica in Copacabana (RJ), with a speaker in a sound machine that said "Horse Conchavos" and "Let's not stop." Then the minister changed the video on the photo.

"A bunch of bastards," says General Heleno, who blames Moro

In addition to Bolshevik and Moro, the Chief Minister of the Office of Public Security (GSI), General Heleno, also supported the demonstration. But with one difference: Elena walked in person. The minister participated in the action in Brasilia, shortly after his arrival from Japan, where he accompanied President Bolshevik.

Heleno climbed into a sound car and said that allegations against Minister Sergio Moro sought to remove a "band of bastards" from jail. Minister Moro had the courage to abandon 22 years of magistracy to surrender to his homeland without receiving anything. And this man is put on the wall to get rid of the group of scammers who have flooded the country ", – says Helen. Contact us |.

The general was very popular with the public when he took part in a demonstration in Brasilia. From the top of the sound machine, the newspaper reports. Contact us |Helen also called for support for pension reform.

"I came here to appeal to our brilliant parliamentarians, those who have a home, to those who have no ideals of exchange, to victory, to gain statehood. Vote for social welfare reform. They approve of this reform and this new pension with the slightest possible wear and tear. "

Other politicians such as Eduardo Bolsonoro (PSL-SP), the federal deputy and son of the president, and Major Olympiot (SP), a senator for solidarity, also participated in the demonstrations. Even celebrities, such as Latin singing and actress Regina Duarte, went out on Sunday.

Thousands of people are acting together

Actions took place in hundreds of cities and cities
thousands of people. The highest concentrations occurred in the capitals, as in Russia
Curitiba (PR), Brasilia (DF), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Sao Paulo (Spain). There are acts
split in the morning and afternoon, in a strategy for people on the streets
which manifests itself all day.

In Rio de Janeiro, four blocks from Avenida Atlântica were busy in the morning. In Brasilia, during the lunch break, six lanes of the monumental axis from the height of the road from Plano Pilot to Prasa do Tres-Podereš should have been closed due to the agglomeration of people.

In São Paulo, in the afternoon, the demonstrators focused on Avenida Paulista and two cars of sound cries in support of Lavo-Jet, Moro and reforms. In Curitiba demonstrations were held in the morning and afternoon. She took place and concentrated in Boka Maldives, in the center of the capital.

Sunday's activities were quiet. There was only one message about the revolt in Sao Paulo. According to the newspaper State of Sao Paulomembers of the "Right JV" group went to the "Movimento Brasil Livre" (MBL) truck and extracted the slogans that attacked the MBL. The attack was due to the fact that the ILL did not defend President Yair Bolsonaro in the act of this Sunday. MBL was called "traitor" and "pelleo". Military Police dispersed the group.

Methodical recommendations: Moro, Lava-Jet, The Widget and Bolshoero

Thousands of people who went outdoors this Sunday remained in the defense of Operation Lava Jato and Minister Sergio Moro. This was the answer to a series of stories that published the portal "Intercept". Moro and members of Lava-Jato suspect of a supposed bias in the case of former President Lula. The conversations were received illegally.

"Moved from Moro moved with the Brazilian people," said a statement affixed to the gigantic doll of the current Justice and Security Minister Sergio Moro, which the demonstrator took on Avenida Paulista. – Thank you, Lava Jet. Thank you, Moro, – showing the sign taken by the demonstrator for acting in Curitiba.

In addition to supporting Moro and Lava Jato, pension reform was also among the guiding principles that were expressed during Sunday's activities. In Sao Paulo, the gentleman arranged a billboard depicting the economy minister Paulo Guedes and the phrase "We want 1 trillion," referring to the economy that the government expects from the reform.

Other protesters also took the opportunity to defend
President Jair Bolzano. "If you did not allow him [Bolsonaro] do that
he promised in four years, we will give him eight years to do, "he said.
one of the organizers of the Paraná Conservative Front.

The demonstrations on Sunday were organized by Movimento Brasil Livre (MBL), Comes Pra Rua and Nas Ruas. MBL, however, has decided not to express support for President Bolsonaro.

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