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See the factors that caused tragedy during a flood in Av. Vilarinho – General

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Francisca Magalh Primary School
Municipal Escola, Francisca Magalhes Gomes, had a number of damage caused by hand. The organization between Rua dos Mamoeiros and Vilarinho Avenue has flooded yesterday
(picture: Paulo Filgueiras / EM)

More than 40% of rainfall expected to focus in a few hours of one day, a complete saturation of the drainage system, which requires large work, far from economic reality the city, and the complexity of streets and roads that block traffic closures to avoid disasters. These ingredients, along with Thursday evening, led to a disaster with at least four deaths in Belo Horizonte and a picture that depressed the population of the capital every time it rains heavily, especially in Región de Venda Nova. At this time, however, the disorders were not limited to the material prejudices with the storms that suddenly raised the level of water in points such as Vilarinho Avenue.

Cristina Pereira Matos, 40, died and her daughter, Sofia Pereira, 6, was hugged in the car they were in, in Palio, with me a third in my hands. Anna Lusa Fernandes de Paiva, aged 16, near, died there, when the boat was sucked by the lid that was cut out of water, at Rua Doctor Alvaro Camargos. She sailed as she left the car where she was with her love, which was stuck at the gallery entrance. The girl, who was a single girl, was found a student in Cefet-MG, yesterday at Crrego Vilarinho, about four kilometers of where she disappeared. The fourth victim died in the occupation of Vitria in the North Region. According to witnesses, a resident who was drowned when trying to cross a drinking water area. As soon as yesterday afternoon, firefighters were still looking for a man who would have disappeared as he joined the present station on Avenida Vilarinho on Thursday evening.

Yesterday there was a day of damage account a
Yesterday was the day to count disadvantages and losses that can not be moved to the most affected area, at Venda Nova (picture: Paulo Filgueiras / EM / DA Press)

He provoked the catastrophe that led to the heavy capital of city cleansing teams and the majestic reactions of BH mayor Alexandre Kalil (PHS) and governor-elect Romeo Zema (Novo). Although Zema praised the situation and emphasized that she was ready for the state and municipalities to take preventative measures to avoid such situations, Kalil took responsibility for the abandoned lives at Venda Nova. "Drive what happened here of the mayor. I'm very sad and unparalleled for a death. What happened in relevant terms, the city has structure, preparation, techniques and money to & # 39: I will solve all this is clean by Monday. What worries me is the lives taken. I was not really ready for it, "he said.

Along with the main Capital Development Superintendent (Sudecap), Henrique Castilho, and Civil Defense Co-ordinator BH, Cyrnol Alexandre Lucas, the mayor visited the Vilarinho Avenue region quickly and said by December 20, Refer to studies of & # 39; r basin formed by Crore Vilarinho and to tributaries. The work should identify the best solution for flooding in the main connection route Regio de Venda Nova with the rest of the city.

A car where my body was saved
A car where mum and daughter's bodies (above) are rescued beside others that are taken by the water (picture: Paulo Filgueiras / EM / DA Press
Marcos Vieira / EM / DA Press)

According to Castilho, this study, which costs up to R $ 10 million, can subsidize the delivery of proposed solutions from interested engineering companies. "After doing so, he produced an operational project on top of what the city council considers it appropriate," he said. The manager can not estimate the time, but he / she believes that the study needs six months a year. it is quite likely that a new channel for Crore Vilarinho, which passes under the same name path, will have to be opened and does not support the volume flow towards Ribeiro do Ona. "Very large work, to R $ 150 million to R $ 200 million. It is intended to take effect in 2020 or at least be sent to the start," said Castilho. Meanwhile, the borough promises to start in February working to handle the bottom of the valley and to expand channels and Marimbondo streams, Lareira and make Nado, which contributes to the Vilarinho basin and can increase the waterfall in severe periods of time.

PBH teams that triggered Kalil who was responsible for the break
PBH teams that triggered Kalil who was responsible for tragedy (picture: Paulo Filgueiras / EM / DA Press)

HOW AT THE STREET Still workless to solve the problem definitively, what would never be to save lives in the storms would be to prevent people from reaching the most vital points of the Venda Nova Regional, but Civil Defense Belo Horizonte ensures that the features of the region prevent a closure plan Effective traffic for the site. According to Colonel Alexandre Lucas, Vilarinho's dynamics are very different, for example, from Avenida Tereza Cristina, where there is a more effective blockade plan. "There are many more streets that feed Vilarinho, so the situation is much harder. We stopped during the rain, but people go through other ways and reach the same way. I'll assure you that we evaluate BHTrans with all the possibilities, but the problem is huge, "he said.

Firefighters are looking for a boy

Jonnattan Reis Miranda, 28, disappeared on Vilarinho Avenue a
Jonnattan Reis Miranda, 28, disappeared on Vilarinho Avenue and was wished by firefighters (photo: personal file)

With three deaths due to the rainfall confirmed in the Venda Nova Area in Belo Horizonte and a man drowned in the North Region, the Fire Department keeps looking for another person who disappeared during the flood on Vilarinho Avenue us Thursday. According to witnesses, this is a man who jumped into a gallery in front of the Registry Office and New Sales Notes.

Relatives of the missing boy Jonnattan Reis Miranda, 28, said that a family inside Minas Gerais had moved to Belo Horizonte to treat the boy who had suffered severe schizophrenia since he was 13. He uses regular medication and has taken the pills before getting a case on Thursday night.

Francisco Magalh Primary School
Francisco Magalhes Gomes Primary School lost all the snack food (picture: Paulo Filgueiras / EM / DA Press)

He tried to make sure he did not jump a window of the property, which is near Vilarinho Avenue, but managed to escape. The Military Police (PM) and the health plan called him served, however, none of them were present, according to the family.

But according to her relatives, she had followed me to Jonnattan, but she could not reach it on the other side of the path at the time of rain. A nearby boy said he saw the moment he came into the water and disappeared.

Civil Defense still awaits confirmation of an unidentified man's death found on the Occupy Vitria morning, between Belo Horizonte and Santa Luzia, the North Region of the capital. According to the information provided by the Fire Department, residents said that the victim was drunk and trying to cross the flood on Thursday, when he dropped under the waters.

(photo: EM Art)
(photo: EM Art)

Trap and prejudices

In Vilarinho Avenue, in the face of the impossible suggested by Belo Horizonte City Hall to install traffic blocks that effectively prevent people's access in the critical area, when it rains in the area, there are & # 39: The script repeats itself: dragging cars, water entering houses and shops. fear of taking over the population. According to Civil Defense, there were 97 millimeters in hand in the Venda Nova Regional in one day, 40% of what is expected for November. In some places, water levels were more than two meters high.

The flooding was enough to fill mud, rubble and debris with Francisco Magalhes Gomes Primary School, which is Vilarinho in front of the metro line. The water dropped one of the walls and the installations and rooms, a canteen, courtyard and court, transforming the student's environment into a wreckage area. In the unit panties, all the foods carried out in practice were destroyed. "A situation that has left us is very shaken. We will have a week with presentations that will not be possible. Now let's see what to do," said Deputy Director Zuleika Rufino , worried.

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This is
This was the current name of Estao Vilarinho in the Región de Venda Nova. BHBus and Meter bus platforms have been signed on Thursday, Proclamation of the Republic holidays
(photo: Cristiane Silva / EM)

"The canteen was refurbished this year, and now we will have to do it again, but more complicated, losing life. This makes us more difficult and difficult to deal with," lamented Maria Marcia Luciana Silva Oliveira. Another destructive shop was the trader's shop, Robert Saff, 38, where he's water, candy, salt and other dancing for about four months. "We're working all year long to happen. We made an investment that had already gone. I lost $ 40,000 with this rain. This situation is regular. We can not wait any longer in this place, I will be waiting to put ideas into practice and look for another business option. The life of restarting, "he said.

Along the Vilarinho and Rua Doutor lvaro Camargos Avenue, practically every shopkeeper supplies out in an effort to clean up the shops. At Camargo, outside the water still pulled off a number of asphalt slabs. Yesterday, dormant carcasses were still scattered, especially by Vilarinho. One of the cars hired by the present was the brick Luis Sales dos Santos, 49. "When I accelerated, a storm storm came and the present took over. I came out of the car and I saw that the water catches up. The car turned and jumped to the grid of the meter. I was quite tired, but I managed to climb a tree. I saw my car being taken, "he said. Near Cristina Pereira Matos, 40, to Sofia Pereira, 6, and a daughter, they could not save themselves and die in the Palio that was thrown by the flood in the line of the meter.

End of the 19 hours of operation

Anna Lu
Anna Lusa Fernandes de Paiva Maria, 16, was a Cefet-MG student. A yesterday's body was found (photo: Internet reproduction, WhatsApp)

The third victim of rain in Venda Nova was not saved quickly by the Fire Department. Rua lvaro Camargos spent a garage when everything happened. Anna Lusa Fernandes de Paiva Maria disappeared after going out of her car and was sucked to the stream by a sealed water hole. According to Lieutenant Pedro Aihara, from the fire brigade, the car that was driven by Anna's love stopped the moment he hit the hole in the gallery, opened by the outside water. He left one side of the vehicle and the girl, on the other. As the water covered all the asphalt, he did not see the hole and came up.

The fire ship that was going to save people on Avenida Vilarinho had passed the moment and was warned by witnesses of the event with Anna Lusa. A soldier was still trying to pull teenage teenagers, but he could not rescue it and almost dragged. Yesterday, the searches were summed up in two ways, during 19 hours: around 50 military personnel swept galleries and also went through the open bed Cradle Vilarinho. The workman supported the work and drones were used in the searches. The images of one of these devices that highlighted the body's location, along the banks and watercourses, were at the height of Xod Marize, to the North of BH, four kilometers of where it was drowned.

Cefet-MG studied, where Anna Lusa studied, announces a note yesterday expressing a serious desire for the student's death, which was the second year of the technical course on the environment, had integrated with the average education . Completed & course for 2019.

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