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The Ryzen 3000 has little room for manual overclocking, says AMD engineer


For those who accompanied the release and reviews of processors Ryzen 3rd Generation, noted some disappointment towards Russia dispersal processors, since the margin to raise the clock over the processor is not very large.

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However, this question has a motive and title: Accuracy Boost. Answering a user's question on Reddit, Robert Hullock, Senior Technical Marketing Manager for AMD, wrote that thanks to the Precision Boots 2 algorithm, AMD pulls out the maximum that Zen2 chips can handle, which gives little space for manual overclocking.

"Our acceleration formula is opportunistic based on the current VRM, socket power, temperatures, so light workloads will have a higher pulse and heavier workloads will have a lower level, which is the basic behavior of Precision Boost 2 that we described in November 2017 This is the same enhancement formula that is used for all Ryzen 2000 processors: 4.3GHz peak for light streams, about 4GHz for all colors. There is no change from year to year in how behavior rises.

If you ask if all the kernels will or will not reach the maximum clock increase: no. You will not do this, and you will never promise or assume it. Over the course of 1.5 years, we clearly understood that the behavior of Precision Boost 2 is a "curve" that attempts to load the kernels as often as possible with respect to the above-mentioned limits. Even with all the loaded cores, the processor can maintain frequencies hundreds of MHz higher than the base.

Another goal of our engineering efforts is to fully increase product productivity. // EDIT: Design algorithms that automatically extract the maximum silicon performance (for example, Precision Boost 2) without prompting the user to interfere or risk their warranty. So no, you will not see a lot of manual overclocking. This is just an ordinary person's speech – who does not know how OC can not access. Why do we do this? We do not intend to leave anything on the table.

It is more advantageous to enable the memory of PBO, Infinity Fabric and overclocking. But this is also true in Ryzen 2000. "

Robert Hullock, Senior Technical Manager for AMD

This way, you only get a Ryzen 3000 processor with large fields to overclock if you're lucky Silicon Valley Lottery, and that AMD gives its consumers the most that can deliver today.

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Probably, in the future, with the ripening of 7nm processor chips, AMD can increase its clock speeds, which are now bringing their processors, making enthusiasts scattered.

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