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The study indicates that simply exercising does not guarantee weight loss


A study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and conducted by researchers at the Pennington Center for Biomedical Research in Louisiana, USA, showed that the more we exercise, the more we have to eat and so many people are not able to reach the ultimate goal of weight loss and frustrated.

The study was conducted with 171 men and women who were overweight and aged 18 to 65 years old. They measured weight, level of metabolism, typical levels of hunger, aerobic conditioning, and daily intake of food and energy.

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Participants were divided into three groups: the first continued its usual routine, while the second and third began to control the lower and higher intensive training programs, respectively. During the study, participants could have eaten as they wished.

Throughout the time, volunteers used activity monitors, and researchers periodically tested the level of metabolism, energy consumption and physical fitness. Meanwhile, volunteers could eat whatever they wanted.

At the end of the process everything was reviewed. As expected, the participants who supported their routine did not make any changes. However, the result is almost the same for most practitioners who joined the curriculum. Approximately two-thirds of those who are truncated in a group of trainings, lost a few pounds. And 90% of those who work in longer-term groups did not achieve the expected goal, because they compensated for excess calories, consuming more.

Additional calories were small – about 90 extra calories per day for the average group of physical exercises and 125 per day for a more intensive group of exercises. But that was enough to not meet expectations.

"When the need for an organism increases, it is necessary to determine the priority of food quality. If the increase is only in quantity, there is a high risk of worsening weight loss," says Francisco Toastes, an endocrinologist at the Nutrindo Ideais Clinic.

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