Monday , July 26 2021

Trains are released near the station that he gave in São Paulo

Trainer Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM) is cleared to operate at the edge near the Pinheiros Marginal station, which came about 2 meters last Thursday (15). Tests made today (18) with empty wagons prove that the roaming caused by the displacement of the train does not pose a risk to the structure of the aqueduct.

Passengers who rely on this transport between the Pinheiros and Cheasa stations, from Line 9 – Esmeralda, use buses that are available urgently since Friday (16). Secretary of State for Services and Work, Vitor Levy Castex Aly, said the compositions would have reduced the speed of 20 kilometer per hour by passing the side of the viaduct. The part will win signals and radar for operators respect the limit.

According to the secretary, the scoring was completed up to 120 meters to the viaduct. "Now we are moving on to dig the part, which will tell us the depth that we will have the basis to make us build the block, where we will install the monkey to align and relieve the structure, "he said.

João Octaviano Machado Neto, municipal secretary of Mobility and Transport, who was in agreement with Vitor Levy, said today will open the opening of the entrance to Presidente Castelo Branco's Highway at the time of the Temporary Conservation Center (CDP) in Pinheiros. "Other work will be done over the next few days to increase the ability to interact between the closed lane and the local lane to avoid the impact of a hole on the express lane," he explained.

Since Thursday, about 20km of Marginal Pinheiros entrance are blocked for vehicles. On Sunday, São Paulo's citizens took the sunny day to practice running and paddling on the barred road. The big concern, however, is with the journey after returning the extended holidays, Next Wednesday (20).

Octaviano said there is no provision for clearing full roads. The teams spent the night making measurements for the partial analysis of some parts, opening beds between the tracks, improvements that improve the connection between the footpath and the local. "All this is being studied to stop people getting stuck on the footpath," he said.

From Wednesday (21), the city hall will support the release of urban vehicle rotation at Penheiros Marginal, until the relief of the runway is completely. The circulation of all vehicles will be released towards Castelo Branco, between Bandeirantes Avenue and Ponte dos Remédios.


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