Monday , June 14 2021

Dr Kunchev: The highlight of the flu will be in January – Healthcare

"When it comes to pure viral infection, as 90% flu, leotytes do not have anywhere. Not only will they help, but vice versa – they can add the symptoms of inflammation of the extra gastrointestinal tract. "

This was told by a state health inspector, Dr. Angel Kunchev, in an interview with the FOCUS News Agency. According to him, the practice of selling antibiotics without prescription is a winning mechanism for pharmacies, but it should not be at the expense of people.

"And this year we could expect different types. Unlike earlier, when flu viruses always cause the epidemic, last years have seen a collateral circulation of B and A. objects. This may also have making 3-valent producers going to 4-arm vaccines so that they are as wide as possible, "explained Dr. Kunchev.

That noted The highlight of the flu epidemic will be January and you need to take anti-flu preparations on time. Dr. Kunchev advises people with a weak immune system and are often ill to immunization. He explained that we had to get two or three weeks before the virus came across so that we could take the necessary measures.

"It's really important that they are accepted in time, because those who have not developed resistance and that are effective are the only means of illness that have already appeared. If you start an illness, if antiviral preparation is taken within the first 48 hours, it will act well and well. If we try to take it all after we develop all the symptoms of fever and after going in bed, we can not expect it to be good, "explained Dr. Angel Kunchev.

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