Friday , July 30 2021

First Line Meetings: Teodora Dimova with the Miladinov Brothers

In a virtual and past meeting, the author Teodora Dimova is looking for answers to questions beyond temptations, facts and events that are frozen in the church. Where the memory of the regeneration of Struga is stronger, it presents emotions and reactions of the origins of patriotism.

After being born in Struga, educated in Greece, the realm, public figures and the real people of the league, Dimitar and Konstantin Miladinov are champion champions of the Bulgarian, against the integration of Greek politics, trustees for Bulgarian teaching in schools, for a separate Bulgarian church, protecting folklore and keeping the sense of nationality. As a result of the Greek panariots and the Ottoman authorities, they travel around Bulgaria collecting treasures of folk art and leave to generations and the largest collection of Bulgarian folk songs collected by the brothers Miladinovci Dimitrie and Konstantina and published by Constantina in 12 parts with 660 folk songs of different dialects and rituals, customs, beliefs, traditions, games, proverbs, bits, names, etc. are described in Bulgarian. There are 2000 rare words in the foreword, with a small Slovenian dictionary (Slova), also explained in Croatian.

First Line Meetings: Teodora Dimova with Miladinovi Brothers – 18.11.2018
"In the first line of history" – 18.11.2018

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