Monday , September 20 2021

It is hard to believe how special was the picture – BLISTER

On January 4, 2019, Instagram displays a photo of a mission that is most popular in the popular social network. Picture of an egg.

A bold idea that seems completely impossible … or not. Today, an egg, filmed without absolutely any effects or complex artistic concepts, has 26.7 million (yes, 26 700 000!) Loves. For comparison, the previous first shot in Instagram, Kylie Jenne's first childhood photo of reality, had only 18.3 million enthusiasts.

In fact, a photo with a baby is also the "purpose" of a specially created egg profile: "Kylie Jenner keeps a record for the most popular publication in Instagram, loving 18 million. Let's see if the egg can improve it!

The identity of the online jelly campaign is unknown. Through the world_record_egg account, he only shared: "It's crazy! At what times do we live …?.

Kylie Jenner himself responded to a video that "cooked" eggs on sunny asphalt.

Increasing popularity through the joke today is a common tactic. In Tweed, in 2017, a half-headed profile garnered 635,000 followers trying to beat US President Donald Trump.

Facebook has a page titled "Let this potato peel have more fans than any star chalga". For good or bad initiative, only 69 thousand people supported.

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