Monday , September 20 2021

Manchester City will tame "wolves" and again – 4 points from Liverpool

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Manchester City knocked down a 3: 0 Wuws and scored an important victory in the Liverpool Battle for the title of the championship. "Citizens" are again at the four points of the Merseyside, with already 53 points.

Two goals in the match struck Gabriel Jessie in the first half, one of his fines was a penalty. Self-propelled Conar Cody after the break.

It should be noted that after the 19th minute, guests played in a weak game when Willie Bollie was kicked out of the game. In the end, Man City won his victory and continued the battle with Liverpool for the title of the championship.

Man City started the attacking game and initially pushed the guests in front of his penalty area. The first positions were received by citizens.

In the 10th minute Sanya found an exhausting Gabriel Jezei, who easily extended the network to 1: 0. After nine minutes the hosts came to a new chance.

Then David Silva shot the pennant from the arc, the knock knocked on the body of the Wuws defender, but Rui Patricio was in his place and drew a sure goal.

In the 19th minute, the guests stayed in the weak line, as Willie Bollie took the brutal way of Bernardo Silva and received a straight red card. This eviction was somewhat controversial after Bullie first knocked out his shotgun.

In this case, Wuws was cut out. The wolves, however, showed teeth and several times during the next few minutes were dangerously threatening the city's doors, as Jota missed a great opportunity to level out.

At 39 minutes, "citizens" were fined. Ryan Bennett stumbled upon Rahim Stirling in the middle, and Gabrielle Jezeus made 2-0 white lead.

This blow decided unanimously the game and in the second part the pace of the game fell seriously. The city came after a couple of breaks, but Sane and Kyle Walker dropped out.

After an hour's game Kevin de Bourget was close to the attack, and Raich Stirling did not score.

However, City came to the third goal in the 78th minute when Connor Cody hit his impressive goal. By the end nothing was mentioned and "citizens" deservedly won three points.

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