Friday , June 18 2021

A light rail advocate believes that the LRT plan intends to fail

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – It was breathtaking, and not really promoted.

That's what LRT supporters say, a day after the mayor of the Vancouver Metro Mayor voted to stop the construction of light railways in Surrey.

Malcolm Johnston is one of those people. Johnston has been lobbying for LRT for years, with the help of an organization called the Rail for the Valley.

He says he has not been surprised that the LRT scheme failed. He's feeling the way the LRT line was formed, but it was not going to work.

"Langley is not there to justify light rail, much less for SkyTrain. It would have been better if a line went to the south to White Rock. That's where the population big – like Morgan Crossing. That's what they should have done, down down King George Boulevard. "

In addition, the light line line needs to be, it believes, spread across the Fraser, to make the commuting as continuous as possible.

"If you want to make a lightweight rail line, he must go into Vancouver. They can do that. The light lines of the technology today have to use existing railway tracks."

Johnston even suggests that a light rail line could be built to Chilliwack, for a fraction of the cost and time, that he would build SkyTrain to Langley.

"We could do it for $ 1.5 billion for three trains per hour at every peak time address. We could operate it in three years." By contrast, it believes that the SkyTrain extension will take ten years to & # 39; w completed.

He pleases TransLink for not resolving misconceptions about a light line.

"Slowerly, this is slow down a light line, compared to SkyTrain, more stations. More stations attract more riding."

He notes that Toronto is about to scratch its version of SkyTrain. RT Scarborough was opened around the Expo line, and it is being replaced. Johnston identifies only six other cities in the world that use Advanced Rapid Transit technology, developed by Bombardier, and no additional cities have adopted CELF over the past ten years.

Johnston also says that he has been told by engineers that Expo Line needs great rehabilitation, and says it is another sign that SkyTrain technology is wearing too fast.

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