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A new theory says that Doctor Strange never died at Avengers Infinity War. Here is the test hollywood

The Snappening of Avengers: Infinity War captures some of our favorite heroes from us. So many lives were lost and the world was mourning for months. However, it seems that we can have one less soul to mourn for it.

According to a new theory given on Reddit, Doctor Strange may not have died in the Trojan slaughter. Certainly, we saw it turned to ash in the movie, telling Tony Stark "this is the only way," but going back to his own movie, there is something we can lose. Look at the theory:

"So I've been watching all the MCU movies in a release order over the last month. I've arrived at Dr. Strange, and I've realized that there is a large plot hole in the Infinity War, or Strange was not really die in the war.

In the scene where Strange and The Ancient One conflicts quickly, she's no matter how much time she was thinking about, she could not see this which happened in the past, his death. Strange then supports this by asking the exact question "do you think this is where you're dead?" This leads me to believe that it is impossible to see a future past your death. Therefore, Strange would be impossible to look at the future 14,000,605 unless A) has never died in the junk. Or B) Russo brothers failed these key details.

This theory does not die, but it's still turning into a dust that can support the idea that a soul is caught in the soulstep or # 39; The world is quantum because if his soul lives, he may be able to see the future in the past to "death"

TLDR: An ancient one says that you can not see your own death, but a strange thing does that in an immense war. Therefore, he did not really die "

Certainly, this theory lets you scratch your heads for a while but it seems unlikely when you watch watching the wizard relaxing in front of your eyes. Even other redditors have expressed their time on it.

"Strange is more likely to come back and can see past his death because there is a future to see. If the Oldest One comes back in this reality, then & # 39 ; n problem but it's very likely to have died permanently. If she returns, it's probably like another, "said Marvel's fan.

Another thought that The Ancient One may not be able to watch the future beyond his death while Doctor Strange can. However, in our best interests, we hope that Doctor Stephen Strange will be live live as there will be a few pockets that will join the rest of the Avengers to bring Thanos down once and for Avengers 4 will never release in May.

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First Published: November 19, 2018 21:04 IST

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