Friday , September 17 2021

An intermediary who is trying to save the arena of the Senate Ava, asks the NSC more time

John Ruddy, Eugene Miller and Graham Patch.


The Supervisory Board of Directors of the National Metropolitan Commission gave Ottawa Senators and Trusts more time on Monday to try to fix their relationships and extend their vision for LeBreton Flats.

Jan. 9 Warren Winkler, a veteran mediator who tried to help senator Eugene Melnick, founder of Trinity John Ruddy and project manager Graham Byrd, appealed to NCC to extend the termination notice delivered to the Rendezvous LeBreton group last month.

The termination of the Rendezvous NCC from the LeBreton Flats Development Agreement was held on Saturday. At Winkler's request, the suspension notice was extended until 28 February.

Although the NCC has prepared the next steps for the forthcoming Board meeting, it respects the ongoing process of mediation led by Hon. Warren K. Winkler, Q.C., and will not take further action and not make further statements on this issue ", – said on Monday.


It was expected that the NCC Board would make another important decision regarding the LeBreton Flats file on January 24 after the suspension notice issued by the agency after Melnyk and Ruddi filed each other in their Rendezvous suit. Melnyk also filed a lawsuit against a bird who was engaged in Rendezvous development plans.

Rendezvous has proposed to build an arena and mixed-use community at the LeBreton apartments.

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