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Chris McQuarry will write & Direct Mission Impossible 7 & 8 – / Cinema

Mission is impossible 7

Chris McCurry, writer / director Mission: impossible – robber last year's blockbuster Mission: Impossible – FalloutRussia signed an unprecedented agreement for Russia Mission Franchise: He is returning to write and send the next two films in a long series, and he takes them back to the back. There will be a star Tom Cruise to survive such a production?

The Mission is impossible the films were a unique training ground for the various movie makers who came and put their work on the adventures of the super spy Eta Hunt, but McCurry broke the tradition when he returned to the director's seat Nation robbery and delivered Fallout, one of the most entertaining blockbuster decades. Now Variety reports that it will shoot Mission is not possible 7 and 8 back to back with the seventh film, which seeks to release the summer of 2021, and the eighth movie that explodes in the theaters next summer.

Part of me complains about the idea that we will not get a fresh voice in the chair of this director in the near future, but it is difficult to argue with what McCurrie has achieved. In addition to being a big movie, Fallout more than $ 790 million worldwide – most of the films in this long-term franchise – so it's not surprising that Paramount decided to stick to a proven formula and bring McCurry back even more. Listening to the talk about this franchise, perhaps for ten hours podcasting and interviewing in recent years, it's clear to me that he not only loves heroes in this franchise (including Rebecca FergusonIlza Faust, which he created and very protects), but a real creative passion for the story style that he uses when he does these things.

I also understand that he is not interested in making the same film twice, so I admire that he will be suitable for these sequels. Is this designed as one great story, narrated on two films, or will each of them feel on their own and satisfied? You can practically see the glow in his eyes when McQuarrie talks about the trick in these films, too, so you can argue that he and Cruz are going to go higher and farther to try from above (if that's possible even). The cue "Ethan Hunt goes to space" is a joke, but I honestly would not be surprised if we see what comes to the fetus in one of these movies.

Now, when the relationship between Ethan and JuliaMichel Monaghan) was completed, there is a place for a full-length romance with Ilia – something that was annoyed for two films, but not yet completed. The cruise is still shooting Top Gun: Maverick (who also worked for McQuarrie!), but the current plan is to start writing scripts, and will begin filming somewhere in 2019. Knowing what we know about how Fallout the details and sets of history will be constantly changing, but here they hope that he will be able to capture again the lightning in a bottle. Pump people

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