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Edmonton Oilers v. Buffalo Sabers (1/14/2019)

Everyone gets the goal! Final score: 7-2 Oilers

After the terrible efforts we saw against the coyotes on Saturday night, it was difficult to imagine that the Oilers would be worse today against the Sabers. Admittedly, it was a low bar to clear, but I was sure that the guys would be able to clear it. However, trying more will not be enough. Buffalo has more chances to score than depleted Coyotes, and even if the Oilers made better efforts than we got on Saturday, there will still be many obstacles to figure out if they are really going to go with two points. They needed a better salary, a kind of defensive plan for action, their best players, to be precisely this, and if they really were lucky, it might be a goal or two from someone other than McDrayNugeSson. It was a simple dream, but it was wonderful.

As you can imagine, my dream of viewing a balanced victory Oilers seemed more like a nightmare when sabbages scored on their first shot of a hockey game. But before I could even finish shooting to complain about the next brutal start, Zac Kasyan returned the deal by scoring his first goal kick, increasing the score and setting Oilers for three straight goals. In other words, the opening period of this hockey match was an emotional American rush, and all we could do was a strap and hopes that the maximum would exceed the minimum. But even in the event that the Sabrins tore the band and returned to one, luck remained on the side of the Oilers when they continued the offensive, despite the overall result. Goals were coming from everywhere, Koskinen was getting there, and it was one of those nights when Oilers just did not intend to be beaten. Sables could put 12 on the board, and Oilers would find the way to 13 goals.

I do not know why it is so that some nights just go to the sport, but the Euler had one of them tonight. Despite the shots against, basically everything went its own way, and it was such a victory that I think that each of us needed now. We do not often get emissions, so I'm sure it will be very enjoyable when we do it.


  • Just a few seconds after "Sabers" scored on his first shot of the game, Zac Kasyan turned and took off the same trick on the other end of the ice. I have not even finished complaining about Sheaari's goal in this very completion before Cassian left and got things. Later, in the first period, Casian won second place after having burst into the slot with Toby Reeder on 2-on-1, and he was not mistaken when faced with an empty net. Nice pass Rieder, well ends Kassian.
  • Ryan Nudent-Hopkins scored his 15th goal of the year, being in the right place at the right time and shooting Caleb Jones. It was such a goal that the ullerers had recently had against them, and I was shocked to see how they found themselves at the right end of the rebound at once. Nuge completed the night with two points as he quietly continues his pace for a better season of his NHL career.
  • What do you get when you give Connor McDavid a clear separation from your own blue line? Goal. I mean what else did you expect? When I heard that Connor was ill for skills competitions yesterday, I was extremely nervous that he would not be able to play today and I was incredibly blown up to see him in the team. Without McDavid, Oilers is a fire and I do not know if I was ready to handle McDowice's other evening.
  • After 42 matches between the clubs, Milan Lucici did not have to wait so long on the third when he snatched the puck in a high slot and completely closed the shot of the past Hutton, ending the goalkeeper's night. Great solo effort, take-away, and shot by a great man. Was it enough? No no. Lukic in the third period scored ZNOVA, after breaking a heavy shot that went through Ulmark's legs and in the net for the fourth year. If Lucy really can make himself go, he's more worth the team than any trade that Ciarelli can do now.
  • Having been jealous of the terrible terrible ball around him, Leon Dryesitl joined the fun with the third turn, acting as an additional point on landing. As a tradition, Connor McDowet set the game and Leon was there to clean garbage, and I loved every second.
  • Mikoco Koskinen returned after a while between the pipes, and I really hoped that he would be able to restore a bit of what he had before the Christmas break. Beyond the first blow that literally made me laugh loudly, Mikko Koskinen was solid for the Oilers and a huge reason that they were able to win this hockey match. In the 15th time in 16 games, the Oilers again surpassed, and if not Koskinen, then this game can very easily go to the other side. Perhaps if another shot or two will find their way past it, the offensive explosion would never have happened, but I'm grateful that we do not have to worry about the fact that Oilers got both steps and the strikes they had to win this one comfortably. Koskinen completed his night with 41 savings and with the exception of .953%.
  • That right there, there was another great night for Darryl on the back as he finished the night with an assistant, one shot, three strikes, and two blocks at his 20:46 on the ice. Darnell Nurse now has 17 points in its last 19 games when it continues to build its game in the absence of Oscar Kleff.
  • Adam Larsson played tonight in the team at 24:17 and finished with assistant, one shot, three hits and a block. A solid night for the Swedes after a hard walk around the coyotes on Saturday.
  • Who are the blogs on this site and how does he like when the Oilers win 56% of the election? That's right. This guy does.
  • A great cry to Carter Hutton. You work well, buddy.
  • It was a weird fancier, but we will take it! As always, you can join the #BoozeNotBeets conversation on my Twitter account.

  • Are you surprised that Conor Cheyri scored the first shot of Saber in the net? Probably not, is not it? Remember that it's not good to get used to it. Fortunately, Cass did the same thing on the other end in just a few minutes, so it did not sleep too much, but I'd love to understand why it's happening to them.
  • Evan Rodriguez got the second goal of Sabers on a perfectly executed descent, which led to the fact that Oilers had collided and could not clear the zone. After the first attempt to clean up was unsuccessful, the yards were able to restore the puck and bring it to the place where Rodrigueh waited.
  • I do not like to see that Oilers are thrown every night, and this game marks the 14th time in 16 games that the Oilers gave more than they took. Of course, a bunch of Buffalo shots came out from the outside, but as we saw in the last few games with all the odd deflection goals, you sometimes need to simply throw the washer into a grid to make good things happen. Buffalo surpassed the Oilers 43-25, and I hope that each player owes Mikko Koskinen out of the building.
  • I know it's hard to criticize that great victory and I do not plan to be that way, but I think that the Oilers have picked up the puck too much today, which certainly contributed to the general buzzing of Buffalo. In particular, I think that Oilers need to work a bit on their breakthrough.
  • The idea is that Pit Ciarelli returned to the market absolutely scary Elliott Friedman today told the NHL network that Jesse Pulujarvi and the first tournament this year are playing in the game. I can wait to find out what kind of Griffin Reinhard we get next! It's a terrible time, friends.
01:00 Buffalo Casey Mittelstadt (7) ASST: Conor Sherey (11), Rasmus Dalin (21) 1-0
02:33 Edmonton Zak Kasyan (3) ASST: Kyle Brodzyak (3), Tobias Rider (8) 1-1
03:23 Edmonton Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (15) ASST: Caleb Jones (4) 1-2
04:28 Edmonton Zac Kasyan (4) ASST: Tobias Rider (9), Mikko Koskinen (1) 1-3
08:57 Buffalo Evan Rodriguez (3) ASST: Volodymyr Sobotka (6), Rasmus Ristolainen (23) 2-3
00:24 Edmonton Connor McDowet (28) 2-4
04:49 Edmonton Milan Lucici (3) 2-5
03:50 Edmonton Milan Lucic (4) ASST: Ryan Nudent-Hopkins (27), Adam Larsson (12) 2-6
05:16 Edmonton PPG – Leon Draisaitl (24) ASST: Connor McDawid (41), Nurse Darnell (17) 2-7

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This week's heat is warming up when we begin to work on Peter Ciarelli's work and frankly ignore the player's safety, but then cooler heads are prevailing when we break up 500 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins games with Oilers and Milan Lucic, finally breaking their recession.

Source: NHL, Official Game Page, January 14, 2016 – 22:00 MST

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