Saturday , July 31 2021

Enbridge extends gas flows – BC News

Enbridge extends gas flows

Natural gas flow is now 85 per cent of capacity through a segment of the Enbridge pipeline. who fought near Prince George, B.C. early October.

Enbridge has increased the flow of 80 per cent along the 90 centimeter pipeline, following a reform order by the National Energy Board. The board had already ordered Enbridge to keep the flow at 80 per cent, following the October 9 explosion.

The company says it works on bringing back gas flows to full operation, while continuing to carry out safety checks.

The repair service is expected to be full of 23 to 25 million cubic meters of natural gas per day to the Lower Netherlands and US. Pacific Northwest.

FortisBC has already indicated that the natural gas supply will be reduced this winter due to the explosion.

The RCMP has said there is no evidence of fake play associated with pipeline breakdown.

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