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Fantastic Beasts: Crindelwald Crime Reviews: magical but unfounded

As a deep jaded Harry Potter A fan, sometimes I have to make a conscious effort to focus on the positive ones. So, I think it's worth noting that I did not have to try it also It is difficult to find some positive ones to focus on Beasts Fantastic: The Crime of Grindelwald.

The second installment in the Harry Potter The prequel series is now theaters, and with her, the author of J.K. Rowling, who writes the scripts, has introduced a host of serious wrinkles in his own established universe. The plot is confusing, has been canceled, and seems to be dedicated to setting up an exciting story that will play out in future installments.

Looking at the movie is very similar to being dropped into the middle of a very thick novel that is full of words that you have to know about. And this is true whatever your Harry Potter fandom level; Rowling makes a ton of world build on the fly, and expects viewers to present with her and identify things out as they go. That is hard to do, and does Grimes Grindelwald difficult to review, since it is so obvious that it sets the foundation for some future film.

But even given that, things like I like it; and the things I liked, I'll think, are quite interesting!

It's better not to think about it Beasts Fantastic: The Crime of Grindelwald as an independent movie as much as a very long preview Fantastic Lives 3

Grindelwald Crimes Arises where the first Fantastic Lives A movie left: with the dark wizard Grindelwald (the controversial Johnny Depp) sitting in prison after spreading the magical American congress. (It was never fully explained in the first place, but it was obvious that it was a generic bad.)

In the opening moments of the new film, Grindelwald dramatically escapes the prison, leaving Professor Dumbledore – an inventive Jude Law camping – to decide how to respond. Dumbledore, who was canned in love with Grindelwald was a teenager and may have been in relation to him, either dissatisfied or unable to fight now, an adult, so send us our newt scamander (Eddie Redmayne) to fight Grindelwald instead. This means finding the same person who can fight effectively with her: Credit (Ezra Miller), which we face in the first Fantastic Lives filming as a fearful, confused about his identity and unconscious of his own magical abilities.

Grindelwald Crimes then follow the Newt as he tries to place Credits in Paris. He also follows Grindelwald as he tries to place Credit, and as he launches what the most rapid and interrupt political algorithm must throw with each other by an author who can do a lot more than that. Driving Wales Grindelwald Crimes"Although it's hard not to give sarcasm quotations around a" plot "- for a Newt to find Belief before Grindelwald can, because the implications are that whosoever gets to Credence will get The best chance first when using her magic as a tool on their side (More about what that side fights for in a moment.)

Along the way, the movie is worn by a web tandle of subplots. Features still throw out pieces of prophecies whose origin is never really contextualised and their predictions are never fully explained. There are infant killings, inconvenience, mysterious characters with mysterious backgrounds, dramatic sweepings, and several different seconds that disrupt the unified Harry Potter universe's canned time line in ways that definitely break Harry's fans' brains Potter across the internet world. There is even some Chinese Fire Dragon cat dragon that needs to be dealt with. (Cute!)

But this one does not extend the narrative beyond the occasional dramatic delivery revealing that eventually it goes anywhere. Features appear, present post-dramatic and dramatic exposures, and then, more often than not, die. The basically effect is watching Grindelwald Crimes Feel like looking at that spinning top of Start for two hours straight before the real realization that it never falls over, as it does not have enough mass to disturb its breath. There is no story, no substance. And what little substance that essentially forms a dramatic exposure for the next Fantastic Lives movie.

It is particularly unfortunate that this wheel to set up a revelation is one of the main complaints of the judges who reviewed the front Fantastic Lives movie. But the previous movie had much more real than this, compared to, Y Grindelwald Crimes Feelings are exceptional and empty. At least in the previous film, there was a set of clear objectives that can be achieved including round up a bunch of great animals!

But. But! Do we watch Harry Potter's films for the plot, or do we watch Harry Potter's movies for the wizard world? Because Grindelwald Crimes contributes to a beauty and a firm sense of setting and depth to the universe of Harry Potter, and he deserves credit for that.

Fantastic Lives is an evolution for the Harry Potter franchise in a few interesting ways. In other ways, not so much.

One of the things that I continue to admire and love most about Harry Potter A film frame in its final installments is how the director David Yates, who has helmed all the films since the fifth one in the main franchise, remains fully committed to J.K. Rowling's vision, no matter how unclear he could have. And let's be real, Fantastic Lives is a completely new franchise arc with the head of who knows, and Rowling's vision is deep hidden Grindelwald Crimes.

Yet, Yates, with a trademark mix, details, and an emphasis on spectacular global construction that he has used in all of the six Harry Potter films he has directed So far, it's hard to do things on top of it. The Age Gilded wizarding world, Art Deco with a splash of steampunk, moves from New York to London and Paris over the movie, and looks so beautiful and invites as ever.

Although the magical elements can sometimes be a bit of paper, Steve Kloves, Yates, Rowling, and Harry Potter, screenwriter-time Steve Kloves, still still think deep how to keep The details of this world feel unique and magical. And I believe, in the most part, they are feeling magical; that is, they feel like a world that I enjoy spending time in, even when I'm shocking by the lack of a story.

He helps that Fantastic LivesAnd, on the whole, there are characters, I enjoy viewing. It is difficult to outweigh the uniqueness of the Newt Scamander Redmayne within the fictional actors of the heroes. Not only is neurodivergent clear and incredible, but it turns masculine typical comments on the screen in a regenerative and unexpected way. It seems that Rowling has written him by thoroughly interrupting the trops of male toxic, and the result is that Newt, however, has covered it by plot dramatics, always feels like the answer to the questions He is trying to ask for violence and propaganda and take a side.

Unfortunately, those questions are not very good. Grindelwald's dark cattle is a tangent fashion of the Second World War's fashion, a military facade that has hidden as a rhetoricist, and discussing concern about the Nazis and the Second World War, designed to appeal to pure inventors from Each race, including at least one character that has been Jewish coding. What genuine politics that Grindelwald has beyond having Muggle's genocide is guessing anyone, but given that this film reaches one of the most confusing and interesting things in the recent history, worrying that Grindelwald's real message is so obscure and "put your own ideology" as possible.

And then Grindelwald himself. The vast number of characters in Grindelwald Crimes means we spend less time with a newt and a core group of friends than before, but we may spend the most time with Grindelwald. And while the performance of Johnny Depp is obviously in question (for at least Depp), Grindelwald still feels excited like fashionable gay films & # 39; (a stereotype that has been further exacerbated due to the tightness and Butch Dumbledore has come) – it always stands a little too close to its potential allies, always prevents them from supporting to join him on the dark side, by that the film is always framed as something that is illegal and bad.

It's curious and uncomfortable to watch, and I'd like to feel more daunting and discomfort because Grindelwald is a Nazis and not because he is a penalty. (All this society has this potential of Grindelwald's disgrace with enthusiasm to incorporate into Harry Potter's narrative of books, but given so far, only two known characters are in the universe of magic unions, and given that one of them is Aryan's bad genocide and the other in love with the bad Aryan genocidal, we can be forgiven for feeling gracious about how things play out.)

But commented too critically Grindelwald Crimes it could, at present, amount to unfair guess. Rowling is obvious in focusing on eight or nine plot points at the same time, as she is delighted, and it seems a little unfortunately to do anything more than stand and left On it, I can not get a coherent 10-hour film at the end that we can generally judge. What we are not obvious in Grindelwald Crimes a movie; Instead, we have a piece of piece, a bit coherent of something more.

Even if that other thing, more, eventually fits in the brilliant magical story that has been received, or is unfavorable to a lack, it's & # 39; still not seen. But for Harry Potter supporters who have trusted J.K. Rowling for this time, the best thing I can say about it Grindelwald Crimes This will probably be: It will not make you want to put your band off at any time soon.

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