Monday , August 2 2021

Following Power Fusion Chinese Breakthrough Only 50 Years Away *

Only 50 years away as a commercial reality By Wykis – Works yourself, based on w: File: Dt-fusion.png, Public Domain, 2069575

Chinese researchers have managed a priority in trying to counterfeit – this pledge of cheap, close unlimited and illegal energy. This means that appropriate commercial reactors may be as close as only 50 years away *.

China has claimed an increase in the race to develop cheap, clean energy through nuclear combustion, a dream of scientists for decades.

The potential of the reaction that occurs in the sun has long been recognized by researchers but have strived to recreate the process without giving more energy than it was released.

Yes, okay, that's the task. But?

And it looks like China's racing in and forth with an innovative reagent, has reached a great milestone this week. According to the Daily Mail, the machine hit the 180 million F (100 million C) for the first time, and it is thought that a nuclear combination is a temperature.

Although it involves the duplication of the sun, this temperature makes it six times hotter than the core of the burning star, which corresponds to about 27 million F (15 million C).

Excellent news, eh? Only 5 decades away commercial power power. **

* Yes, we know the joke, that's the point.

**Yes, in fact, we know.

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