Monday , April 19 2021

Kevin Hart returns to the scene after a scandal of homophobic tweets

Kevin Hart receives some support from Australian fans and comedians after retiring after Oscar accepts his refusal to apologize for previous homophobic comments and tweets.

Hart returned to the scene for the first time after retiring Thursday afternoon with his role as host in the 2019 Academy Award, speaking in racks in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday and Saturday before heading to Brisbane on Sunday evening. He is next to play Spark Orchestra Arena on Tuesday night.

The 39-year-old actor has posted videos about work on Instagram videos on Saturday. "Two sold out shows in Sydney, Australia, and I have to tell you, I ….. blown away," he said in a video.

"All I can say is WOOOOOOOOW ….. Thank you so much Sydney in Australia," he wrote this video. "The sadness of the world is always a priority, blessed to be able to laugh at the international level and do what I love !!!!"

Kevin Hart speaks to a record audience in Australia.

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Kevin Hart speaks to a record audience in Australia.

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Comedian Nick Cannon tried to protect Hart, rebuilding old tweets from Sarah Silverman, Amy Sumer and Chelsea Hender. Former America has a talent The host raised three tweets from comedies, one from 2012 and two from 2010, with all tweets using homophobic slaughter.

"Curious," he tweeted next to the 2010 tweet from Handler. "It's interesting, is there any reverse side here …"

He added: "And I ….. love" Destroy it Ralph!!! "along with a tweet from Silverman, from which stars The Avatar is Ralph and continuation Ralph crashes the Internet.

The gun concluded that it was digging Twitter from Schumera in 2012, adding: "I just say … if we keep going"?

Kevin Kline also opposed Garth, saying that the comedy was different even a few years ago.

"People make jokes about funny people, about Jews, about African Americans," the times change, but you know that at certain times it was a regular food for standing comedians, "said Clin, 71, who said. TMZ. "But I think Kevin Hart is very funny, calm down!"

Comedy Nick Cannon emphasized that other people used homophobic terms online to defend Kevin Hart.

Comedy Nick Cannon emphasized that other people used homophobic terms online to defend Kevin Hart.

Michael Blackson defended his comrade comrade, saying that black comedies were "especially" mistaken.

"Why do they give him a job, not looking at him at first?" Said Blackson TMZ in the video "Particularly black comedies, we all said things in our lives, no matter what it was 10, 20 years ago … at this particular moment it's probably something that was a hot topic to talk about. to 80's – Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor – they made every comment on everything. We're all wrong, there are no perfect black comedians. "

"There is one perfect black comedy who has never said the wrong thing and watch where he is," – added Blackson, referring to Bill Cosby. "He is in jail!"

Hart stepped as a host only two days after announcing that he had scored the desired concert.

"I made the choice to abandon this year's Oscars … it's because I do not want to be distracting from the night, which should be noted so many wonderful talented performers," wrote Hart on Thursday. "I sincerely apologized to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past."

He said in a video posted on the Internet that he was told by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences to apologize or recall his hosting responsibilities. Within a few hours, Hart departed from the prestigious award, showing hosting work.

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